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Anyone know a cheap notary public NOT in downtown? - Click HERE for Original Thread

I just need a form notarized to open a brokerage account for my business....pretty simple stuff.

Any recommendations on the cheapest, least hassle notary public I can find?

Try them. They will come to you for $20.00 open 24/7
adam c
my supervisor at my old company does notary

Bay 14, 2928 Sunridge Way NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 7H9
Phone: (403) 250-7404
Fax: (403) 250-7468

Ask for Brent Krause, he has is own firm as well
Thanks- this mobile guy is pretty convenient.

$60 though- seems expensive for a stamp.:dunno:
The Cosworth
^^ try a p.eng.
how much is the registary office charging? they have notary on staff
survey companies usually have many notary on staff
just kinda curious, if you are submitting an original copy, would you still need to get it to be "true certified"?

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