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What are your utility bills on a townhouse - Click HERE for Original Thread

Well, my gas, water, sewer, electricity, and the city waste and recycling charges add up to between $160 and $230 per month. This is on a semi-detached (half duplex) that's about 1800 sq foot.
I'd assume yours would be 20-30% less.
$300 is more than enough.

In the winter the Enmax bill is around $120-$150 and Direct Energy is $90 for one of my rentals which is a 1000sq.ft 2storey townhouse. In the summer the gas bill is like $30 and electrical is around $100 depending on usage.l
300 is indeed more than enough. I was stupid and signed a contract with Alberta Energy Savings, so I'm paying THREE TIMES the price for gas as the current floating regulated rate is.

And my bils still total well under 300.
Just got my last months bills..... $135 direct energy and $104 Enmax. And that's by far the highest I've ever had.
yeah, mins an average of $200/mo, but condo fees pay for water and sewage
My townhouse is 1100 sq. ft. and my utilities are approx. $180. Keep in mind, I live on my own. When I had a roommate, I was at around $200-$250 per month.
My Enmax electiricty averages $60, Direct Energy gas about $80, and water/sewage are part of my rediculous condo fees of $340.
I'm in the same boat at Cos, where I just purchased a townhouse condo out in Chestermere.

The place won't be done until March, 2010 but I want to find out how much utilities will cost per month on a two storey 1200sqft townhouse.

Should I go fixed rate or floating?

Anyone with experience with 3WEB/CIA service out in Chestermere? $40/month for internet/phone is sort of hard to beat.

Thanks in advance for the info!


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