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Robert Half Finance & Accounting - Evaluation Test - Click HERE for Original Thread

Hey so couple days ago I went to Robert Half Finance & Accounting in Banker's hall. I have about 3 years of experience in the accounting field and was looking for a better position either temporary or permanent.

They told me I would have to do an evaluation on a computer to see where my skills are sitting at and all that good stuff.

Anybody know what programs they use or want me to use? Any tips? It would be a better idea to freshen up those skills rather than stare at the computer. I got my diploma at SAIT so I am quite familiar with excel. But anything in particular I should look out for. I have used quickbooks, paymate, simply accounting.

Thanks beyonders.
What I was tested on there was program that was developed by them to test your knowledge.

From what I recall, I told them my experience and what programs I was comfortable using, and they tested me based on that.

At the time I notified them I had alot of experience with Quickbooks. However, there was no testing based on Quickbooks.

I know that there was alot of testing on Excel. I recall stating that Excel was at an Intermediate(?) level, and was tested with increasingly more complex questions. It ended with VLOOKUP and SUMIF questions.

Best thing to do is call and ask to see what you can do to prepare. There's nothing wrong with showing initiative.

That said, I had a very good experience with Robert Half. They found me placement right away, the process was very smooth, and they offered ALOT of support.

Anyways, good luck!
I was tested on the basics of accounting. Simple GL entries, Balance Sheet evaluations, etc. I did not really prep for it and scored well. At your level it may be a little more intense though. What you need to remember is that this test does not determine if you get a job or just places you at a specific level, so relax. Like Marvin said, they are a great bunch of people.

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