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HRE Releases New Vintage Series - Click HERE for Original Thread

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Like many timeless items beauty grows with age; for example the original Gibson Les Paul Custom, a 1988 Ferrari F40 and the Leica M5. While some designs merely grow older, others grow cooler. With that in mind, HRE is proud to offer a sneak peek of its Vintage Line Ė three designs from the brandís 34-year history, completely re-engineered with modern 3-piece forged wheel technology for todayís sports and super cars.

All three models available in HREís Vintage Line have been reengineered with modern FEA analysis for maximum strength, machined from aerospace-grade forged alloy and hand-finished to every customerís exact specifications. Models available include the 454 (classic Italian style five-window), the 501 (mesh lace) and the 505 (thick five spoke) in 18 through 20 inch diameters and widths ranging from 7 to 14 inches. Nearly unlimited finish options are available, from classic gold, bronze and polished centers and rims to hand-brushing and custom tinted colors.

This series is specifically designed for customers looking for a classic design backed by modern engineering. Popular applications could include the BMW 1M and M3, Porsche 997 and 991, a variety of current Ferrari and Lamborghini models and other popular European, Japanese and domestic sports and luxury cars.

Here are some renders done by HRE Performance Wheels for their new Vintage line (Click for full size images)


Wow those rims look great on all three of those cars. They give each car a retro feel!
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Here are a few more pictures from SEMA 2011 on their Vintage 454 fitted to a white Murci as well as some production photos.

wow. I love them
sick! about time really. Love the whole new old school look. thanks for sharing!
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No problem :)
:drool: Love the vintage look
Scat E46
All three of those cars look stunning.
At first when I saw just the rims I was thinking.
No thanks.... but those cars look gorgeous with them on it. Nice nod to more classic styling.
Props to HRE. SO many awesome rim manufacturers out there to choose from, but HRE is pretty much at the top of anybodies list if they care about looks AND performance.

O...M...GAH:drool: :eek:
Those are simply stunning.
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Here some more shots of the awesome Murci!

Full story can be read here on Stanceworks
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Here is an update on HRE's Vintage line, their latest collaboration with Stanceworks turned out great!

2012 Ferrari 458 featuring Vintage 505 finished in Satin Bronze. The color combination was a homage to the Pininfarina P4/5 but with a Vintage spin. Though not an expected take on such a performance oriented car, we think the 505 looks right at home.

(Video at the bottom to top it off!)

Full Stanceworks thread here
:drool: :drool: :drool:
That looks unreal!!!
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Another fresh shoot from HRE! This time a new 991 on the 501 series!


Here's the StanceWorks Thread

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