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  1. Electricity Demand/Delivery charges
  2. Best way to purchase electricity and natural gas
  3. Group Benefit provider
  4. Condo Unit Inquiry
  5. Anyone using simplii with mint?
  6. RTDRS after the hearing paying the Order
  7. Effect on house value by installing legal, conforming basement suite
  8. Condo Board Bylaw Amendments
  9. Canada’s New Mortgage Rules 2018
  10. Personal Tax Accountant
  11. Savings account - does it make sense?
  12. Binance - anyone got a referral code they want me to use
  13. Growing financial wealth vs Buying vehicles
  14. CRA help - deposit to deductions without t4/paystub
  15. Banked time to RRSP
  16. Retirement Stragies: 2018
  17. Custom Home Builders?
  18. Questions about cashing out BTC
  19. Anyone list their house right after Christmas?
  20. Is Calgary an expensive place to live? CBC thinks so.
  21. Best internet provider around Cranston community area?
  22. Sending a portion of your property tax before assessment is even mailed out?
  23. 2018 City Property Tax Assessments are out
  24. Official Cryptocurrency Trading Thread
  25. Where/How to find a small workshop space?
  26. Waste Bins: Will the City Pick up Large Items Left Beside?
  27. 2017 RRSP Season End Closing in
  28. Let's Have a Thread About Oil
  29. Experiences with Renting (Roommates)
  30. Chase Amazon Visa ending in March 15, 2018
  31. Possible the best staged home ever listed?
  32. What are peoples feelings/experiences with 'cold call' letters for buying a house?
  33. Software for small business book keeping
  34. Castle FS in Mount Royal
  35. Serious inflation on its way? Planning investments
  36. Bonus: Take as cash or RRSP?
  37. Alibaba blocked from buying MoneyGram.
  38. Saving up for your children's education
  39. Stock Market Drop 2018
  40. Paying a car with pennies.
  41. $756,000 retirement
  42. $756,000 retirement
  43. House Backyard facing a Condo Building? Would you purchase?
  44. do we need to do inspections on new construction?
  45. Taxes 2017
  46. Shares of Privately Held companies in TFSA
  47. Heads Up ! Mortgage Rates on Rise !
  48. Brim Financial World Elite Master Card
  49. Selling Homes by Auction - thoughts?
  50. 2018 Crypto Profolio Challange
  51. Filing Income Tax - 2017 (tips?)
  52. Bank account fees and balances
  53. Best card to use overseas?
  54. Parks of Harvest Hills
  55. Resources to learn about starting a small business
  56. Eavestrough/Soffit Water + Home Insurance Question
  57. Finishing detached garage add value?
  58. Saving money on household expenses
  59. Canadian Credit Card vs U.S dollar credit card
  60. Recommendations for US personal tax accountant
  61. Renter Laid Off - Proof?
  62. Anyone with a China/Russian/Other credit card?
  63. Mortgage loan approval
  64. How much does it cost to move?
  65. Foreign Exchange Service or Bank for US dollars
  66. Condominium management companies
  67. LF a roommate
  68. Moving to Calgary looking for home buying and area advice
  69. Building a home
  70. Anyone commuting from Crossfield?
  71. Opinions on the Guardian Towers
  72. Anyone looking to Sell Bitcoing / BTC?
  73. What should an RPR (Real Property Report) cost?
  74. Income splitting
  75. Rachel's Child Care Reduction
  76. 2018 prepaid CC's that work online
  77. Question about permit for bedroom
  78. Home backing onto greenspace, value increase??
  79. Mortgages... Fixed vs Variable
  80. Cogeneration for crypto...
  81. Plattsburgh NY bans Cryptocurrency mining.
  82. Managing renovations - Self manage vs General Contractor
  83. Tax accountant recommendations?
  84. Mortgage Rates Now....
  85. Refinancing mortgage for lower rate - good or bad move?
  86. Enduring POA
  87. Weed stocks? Yeah, weed stocks!
  88. Ndax.io - soft launch - crypto exchange
  89. Land title transfer
  90. When the landlord tenant relationship has gone to sh-t
  91. Forex accounts
  92. Amazon.ca endorsed: Brim Financial Card
  93. MuchBetter Mastercard? EUR/USD/GBP
  94. home builder not finishing work, what are the rights
  95. Investment Tracker?
  96. Old trailer park on Bow Trail
  97. ChurchHill Estates anyone here living in these condos?
  98. Title Transfer from Parents to me?
  99. LF: Residential Roofers
  100. Vandal or Neighbor Feud?
  101. Lawyer recommendation for new build
  102. Soybeans under $50,000 per contract.
  103. The China Hustle
  104. Zero fee investing
  105. Living Expenses in Calgary (2018)
  106. WealthSimple Black
  107. Losing money on rental property, any upside to this?
  108. Oil & Gas Financing
  109. School me on Cryptocurrency
  110. Joint investing account/travelling fund?
  111. Official Condo Board Thread
  112. French or British land allocation better?
  113. The Vaults - Luxury Secured Storage
  114. How much do you prepay on your mortgage?
  115. Calforex best place for USD --> CAD?
  116. Forms
  117. Moving companies
  118. Online Wills & Power of Attorney
  119. Calgary Property Tax Rates to Jump 25%+ Next Year
  120. Airdrie-ites, commute?!
  121. Tenant wants to break lease early, what are my options?
  122. Advertising Rental Property
  123. Anyone Self-file corporate tax?
  124. Estimating value of a private company
  125. Favourite Stock and finance information website?
  126. Swagbucks cash back for online purchases
  127. Making a Loan to my Business
  128. Pinemont Lane Condos
  129. 2019 Property Assessments
  130. High interest savings account/cashable gic
  131. Anyone have an Amex Platinum card?
  132. This is How Canada's Housing Correction Begins
  133. Company RRSP matching and plan performance
  134. LF: Financial advisor/advice for investing from business
  135. Do you know who is actually building your home?
  136. TFSA gains. Pull them out or leave them be?
  137. Putting PSA Money into TFSA and then Withdrawing it Immediately
  138. Taxes - Moving
  139. Interest calculations, Credit Card vs LOC
  140. Have anyone used cryptocurrency to buy things ?
  141. Rental Property and Taxes
  142. Renting to young families
  143. Downtown/Beltline Rentals
  144. Can I keep my shares but close my account?
  145. Single-family home prices falling the fastest in Calgary, down $36K from last year
  146. Arbour Lake
  147. How much of your money do you actually keep?
  148. Largest cash deposits before raising eyebrows?
  149. AirBnB Hosting - Tips, Tricks and Help
  150. US Exchange Rate Forecast
  151. Business write off for vehicles
  152. Your Household Income vs Mortgage Size
  153. Real estate lawyer
  154. MotusBank?
  155. Currency exchange at casino in Vegas vs Canadian bank??
  156. Can someone untangle the web that is the Toronto real estate board data status?
  157. Alberta Investor Tax Credit (NETFILE Question)
  158. How much do you pay for your HOA fees.?
  159. Financial Planning Help?
  160. You Retirement Goals?
  161. Post your complete net worth!
  162. Moving from Calgary to GTA
  163. Goooogle..
  164. Another Renter question....
  165. Rental Property Income
  166. House on Golf Course
  167. Operating a Car Wash Business
  168. Small Business Payroll Tracker
  169. Bank account monthly fee - keep the float or put it in the market?
  170. Best Online trading platform?
  171. Carfax report for a house?
  172. automobile financing
  173. Best alternative to Realtor.ca?
  174. Over the top/extravagant items in homes
  175. Garage Pad Expansion?
  176. Garage overload
  177. ATB Private Banking Services
  178. Cost of a lawyer to handle a will
  179. School Me on Financing a Vehicle
  180. Anyone live in Waterfront with personal garage(s)?
  181. Should couples have joint or separate bank accounts?
  182. Danish bank -0.5% mortgage rate
  183. New job, can work as temp employee or contractor, which better?
  184. Acumen Capital
  185. Who is the property manager for the Costco side in Deerfoot Meadows?
  186. Online surveys = $$$?!
  187. Is a pool worth it in Calgary?
  188. Selling Home; Rent to Own
  189. I got the dreaded "Income Tax Instalment Payment Reminder" from CRA.
  190. Closing a business - how to correctly wind up a corporation
  191. Building a Storage Facility- Ideas RE: Costs & Insurance?
  192. OBVI.ca Insurance/Warranty
  193. Arbour Lake West
  194. Kicked off the index - Eight Energy companies booted from TSX
  195. Would you buy the Saudi Aramco IPO?
  196. What value does a realtor add? (split)
  197. What is a growth stock? How do you value "growth" companies?
  198. What to do with my investments?
  199. Buy the Shaw mansion - unreserved auction!
  200. Mortgage Rates - On the Rise?