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  1. Garden watering app?
  2. Residential Window Frosting/tinting
  3. Furnace replacement
  4. LF recommendations for a good carpet cleaning company
  5. Home Energy Monitor
  6. Thanks to spikerS for building a solid deck
  7. What is this fly and how to get rid of?
  8. free high efficiency furnace??
  9. Condo Key Fobs
  10. Where can you buy sections of grass in Calgary?
  11. 2ndary Suite - HRV?
  12. help me avoid calling an HVAC dude
  13. Frigidaire Replacement ice maker
  14. Flower Bed / Garden / Plant Theft?
  15. Recommend a garage torsion spring repair
  16. BT Insecticide, where to buy?
  17. Question about foundation/weeping tile work
  18. new build - Warranty inspection
  19. WTF? Air compressor and tire inflation issues
  20. Interior Painter Recommendation
  21. Bumble Bee Removal
  22. Verathane Diamond Hardwood Stain
  23. Cleanfill / Subsoil
  24. Where to Buy Toilet Lid
  25. Utilities company Enmax / Direct Energy
  26. Protectant/Cleaner for White Leather Sofa
  27. Help: Seal on toilet
  28. Insulate detached garage?
  29. Removing ATF from Concrete?
  30. Super Sale: Aviator Trunk + Other Collections Deeply Discounted @ IE
  31. I think I need a new dishwasher...
  32. Wasp Removal
  33. Weed Wacker/Trimmer Suggestions
  34. Foundation water leak - Grading issue
  35. Home security / alarm service
  36. Laminate countertop sheets
  37. Deadbolts
  38. Husky Compressor parts?
  39. Structured Media Boxes
  40. Front mount washing machine is leaking, where do I start?
  41. Recommendations for ordering blinds for new house
  42. Making a bonus room?
  43. black spots on north facing siding
  44. New home Warranty Provider -- Builder refusing to fix
  45. Garbage
  46. Add washroom to upper floor
  47. Drywall guys, chime in on estimate
  48. Fridge repair help/advice
  49. I need some garage weather stripping replaced
  50. AC Winterizing? Do I do anything?
  51. When to winterize Irrigation in Calgary
  52. Natural gas line hookup
  53. I want my boiler inspected
  54. dog barking next door, redux
  55. Garage flooring
  56. Lamp light blocking ideas
  57. Does anybody on beyond have a wood cnc?
  58. Win Tickets To Calgary Home & Design Show
  59. electricity: enmax vs direct energy
  60. Best place to get a little gravel for under sidewalk blocks for a patio?
  61. Help finding heating wire.
  62. Heating a garage: Gas vs Electric
  63. Propane instead of natural gas for the house. Big money saver?
  64. SEACANS - for moving storage
  65. Garage door opens by itself
  66. Shower not hot enough
  67. Do fence painter guarantees usually cover peeling of existing paint?
  68. Carpet stretching help
  69. Question about a fence
  70. Electrical help/advice needed
  71. Hardie Board - Exterior Renovation
  72. Installing a subwoofer or three into a home system that's built into the ceilings etc
  73. Garage Heaters
  74. Hot tub covers
  75. Buster's New Bathrooms
  76. Bathroom Reno's Recommendations
  77. Transition from salt to potassium - water softener system, how to do it?
  78. Home Water leak and damage
  79. Wall mount tv, how to hide wires and box
  80. Lightbulbs constantly going out
  81. Interesting new tool for Home Insulation
  82. Auto-water shutoff
  83. Condensation under stainless steel sink
  84. looking for movers in calgary
  85. What do i get to look forward to w/ home insurance
  86. Furniture stores in Calgary
  87. Damp-proofing for foundation
  88. Wall oven electrical
  89. Replacing hardwired smoke detectors?
  90. HVAC parts calgary. I need a new blower wheel for my furnace
  91. Tesla Solar Roof. Too soon?
  92. Help me be an electrician!
  93. party rental places for tables?
  94. Anyone have a home energy audit done?
  95. TRUMAN HOMES leaves home owner on their own...
  96. Help wiring in GFCI
  97. For those with dimmable LED switches
  98. Am I Trouble Shooting DishWasher Correctly?
  99. C_Dave45's own kitchen Reno
  100. Any Telus guys on here?
  101. Plumbers PolyB
  102. What of water pipes does your home have?
  103. Kenmore washer issues
  104. Low Hot Water Pressure
  105. Furnace Blower Motor Wiring Help
  106. Basement electrical
  107. Builder wont let me do my own wiring
  108. Any home automation guys on here?
  109. SmartThings - Home Automation
  110. Sealing off a drain plug of a stock tank...help
  111. Lennox Furnace won't light up
  112. recommend a central vac company
  113. Pre-wiring 220v during basement reno
  114. Thermal imaging camera
  115. Running speaker wire in exterior wall
  116. Cleaning humidifier calcium buildup?
  117. Furnace Problems (Pressure Switch Stuck Open)
  118. Home duct inspection
  119. Horseradish! Anyone growing their own?
  120. Condensation on windows - Humidity
  121. Outside water pipes
  122. Water heater exhaust keeps plugging up in this cold snap??
  123. Furnace not responding to thermostat
  124. Home Depot hot water tanks installation service
  125. Did a side trip to Phoenix and a small job for a friend.
  126. Insulating garage door
  127. If you could live anywhere in Canada...
  128. Looking for a Garage heater
  129. C_Dave45, have a tile question for you
  130. Neighbor complaining about hot tub noise
  131. Adding a 240V outlet - inspection question
  132. Upright Freezer issues
  133. Nest Install
  134. New home build suggestions/recommendations
  135. Get your FREE MONEY from ENMAX
  136. sudden loss of hot water temperature...
  137. Best electric range or gas upgrade
  138. Another thumbs up for Greg and Straight Edge
  139. Water container?
  140. Outlet only powers certain things
  141. Rent/borrow a thermal imaging tool?
  142. Concrete walls in garage frosting
  143. Craftsman Handtool Warranty Replacement
  144. Developed basement cold
  145. Nest or Ecobee for a condo?
  146. Silent Mini Fridge?
  147. Basement hockey setup
  148. Train Bed Project #2
  149. Endy Sleep Mattress - anyone own it or tried it out?
  150. Help installing older Culligan water softener
  151. Insurance for water main breaks
  152. Buying Lumber
  153. Attic Rain (truss rain) - Help
  154. Looking for fireplace repair guy
  155. Etiquette on shared fence with neighbor
  156. Hardwood vs engineered hardwood vs laminate wood vs tile flooring
  157. Anyone purchased from Sofa Land?
  158. Anyone do a brick accent wall?
  159. Washer / Dryer move to unfinished basement?
  160. Basement development HVAC
  161. TV Installation
  162. Weatherstripping front door
  163. Glass cutting for shelves
  164. Sewer gas coming into house (Royal Oak) - anybody else getting this?
  165. Utility bills getting high.
  166. Roof vent Install
  167. Recommend me a contractor!
  168. home security system- Wireless camera
  169. LF: Oven/Gas Range Repair
  170. Bought a house, found bugs :\
  171. Housesitting Service
  172. looking for a door framer
  173. School me in home security options and prices
  174. Kitchen cabinet facelift (original IKEA cabinets)
  175. reduce speed of furnace recirculation fan
  176. Acrylic display cases
  177. Humidity levels and humidifier woes
  178. Let's Talk About Deadbolts
  179. Calgary Home and Garden Show
  180. New dryer cord too short...
  181. AC (alternating current) motor wiring
  182. Poll: Warm white or Cool white interior lighting?
  183. Residential No-charge Energy Savings Program
  184. Electrical outlet problem...
  185. Replacing shingle roof (DIY). General questions.
  186. Best place for appliance parts / discount at AMRE?
  187. Any cabinet makers or glass workers here?
  188. Appliance Recycler Contact ??
  189. Blinds/Shutters
  190. HVAC help regarding pre heaters and there need.
  191. Wiser Air Smart Thermostat
  192. Where to buy: combo steam shower, whirlpool jet tub, shower combo kit?
  193. Hot Water Tank Issues
  194. Garage finishing contractor
  195. Needed: water heater, any recommendations?
  196. Livingston or Evanston?
  197. New garage construction
  198. School me on Countertops
  199. yet another basement reno thread lol
  200. Stone Veneer