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  1. LF: Furnace replacement
  2. House Exterior issue - Need suggestions for repair
  3. Garage Door - Shutting issues
  4. Best/reliable washer dryer combos...
  5. can anyone tell me how this happened?
  6. Home Solar Power... Sorry for opening a can of worms!
  7. Tankless Water Heater Retrofit
  8. HVAC Logic Question
  9. Anyone have a LiftMaster Elite 8550 garage door opener?
  10. What does a fence cost these days?
  11. Removing and reinstalling stair hand rail.... dumb question.
  12. Grey wall color recommendations
  13. need to replace exterior vent & flap for kitchen exhaust
  14. Need help. How much clearance between pergola and gas fireplace exhaust?
  15. RIP Fish tank
  16. Water Softener
  17. radiant heat, boilers and heat exchangers
  18. 240v heater recommendations
  19. Lifting flattened carpet
  20. Carpet
  21. City Permits and basement bedroom
  22. Underground irrigation/sprinklers
  23. Washing Machine Leaving Brown (rust?) Stains
  24. Microwave Keeps Tripping the breaker
  25. Bosch Microwave oven display light extremely dim - is this an easy fix?
  26. Is it too early for lawn fertilizer?
  27. Any recommendation for landscape comapnay?
  28. Looking for a painter
  29. Painted the nursery - Mural
  30. Spring Early Bird Deals - Lawn Start-up
  31. Cheap but decent Mattresses for VRBO property
  32. Decks - composite vs treated
  33. Building a Bunk House ( glorified shed )
  34. Cold Basement?
  35. Anyone have experience with prefabbed fish pond?
  36. LF: sopmeone to run Coax cable from attic to basement
  37. Furniture recommendations
  38. Retractable screen door - mirage? Phantom?
  39. My Blue Spruce needs help!!!
  40. converting built in bbq to free standing?
  41. commercial appliance movers?
  42. If the women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy
  43. running downspout underground...how to terminate?
  44. Lawn irrigation - what controller do you use?
  45. TELUS SmartHome Security
  46. Electronic Deadbolts In Tight Door
  47. Harbour Breeze fan help
  48. do plumbers do this?
  49. Beyond Appliance hookup? Do we still have one?
  50. School me on mattresses
  51. Concrete Pad Sinking
  52. Patio cushions - waterproof cover vs deck box
  53. LF: Drywall Repair Guy
  54. Concrete disposal
  55. I made a big dog house
  56. Electrical outlet on exterior of stucco garage
  57. Weeds and Voles in the lawn
  58. any ideas for parging?
  59. Portable AC - Casement Window
  60. Patio Screens
  61. Need Recommendations on Landscapers for Trees and plantings
  62. How much electricity does your house use?
  63. Fixing cracks in Asphalt - DIY or hire a pro?
  64. Anyone considered or have switched to pressure assisted toilets?
  65. HVAC questions - Too much fresh air intake, sucking in bad smells.
  66. Anyone recommend someone who fixes refrigerators?
  67. Best way to hang bikes
  68. Concrete sandblasting?
  69. What is wrong with my lawn
  70. Tell me about your doorbell cams
  71. Natural Gas/brass fittings for BBQ in condo
  72. Sprinklers
  73. Quartz countertops - cleaning
  74. Spiders and insects in basement - tips?
  75. Check your sump pumps friends
  76. Recommend a Range Hood
  77. How to get rid of birds nests ?
  78. Adding Windows to Existing Garage Door?
  79. How do I fix my deck?
  80. Lawnmower blade sharpening
  81. MyQ chamberlain not connecting to,wifi
  82. Low profile boxspring
  83. School me on bathroom fans
  84. School me on vacuums
  85. Building a better portable A/C window kit?
  86. Can I get a ceiling fan?
  87. Moving Companies
  88. Pegboard Organization kits
  89. Extra loam from project
  90. Property management company refusing to provide receipts?
  91. Wireless security camera options
  92. Lawn Thread - MEGA
  93. New sod installed - when to water/Rachio schedule setup
  94. Pot thread.... for potting
  95. Recommendations to have window screen frame repaired
  96. Concrete Driveway - turing all spotted recently
  97. Concrete repair
  98. What is eating my plants
  99. Snow Blowers?
  100. Air tank repair - advice needed.
  101. Want to insulate this wall with a cold air return
  102. Help with built-in BBQ
  103. Overhead Door Seal
  104. Any good Calgary fireplace stores ?
  105. any refrigeration experts here?
  106. Need advice for a good indoor winter storage lot/space/ garage.
  107. Furnace Filter MEGA THREAD
  108. Curtain rod
  109. need help to get rid of fruit fly, as after I sealed the windows, no difference
  110. Your go-to online retailer for home improvement materials?
  111. Furnace Issues
  112. Home maintenance and spare parts thread
  113. Garage door adjustment?
  114. End-Grain Cutting Boards
  115. Hydroponics - devils lettuce
  116. Home Addition
  117. Pigeon problem
  118. How do I finish this basement window?
  119. Furniture Recommendations
  120. Looking for a reasonably priced, good quality drywaller for basement
  121. Floor layout program (basement)
  122. Freezer Repair needed
  123. Plumbing Help
  124. Gate lock access from both sides?
  125. Gutter or eavestrough cleaning recommendation
  126. Compliance stamp from City
  127. Plumber recommendation for Airdrie... or why is my hot water brown?
  128. Looking for a furnace guy
  129. Property Management Companies
  130. Whats everyone using for lube these days?
  131. Renting out house full furnished for a year
  132. Question about home heating and running fan 24/7
  133. Quality Calgary small business - Get your knives sharpened - Cal-Don Sharpening
  134. Gas ranges, what’s the plan
  135. Let's talk garage air compressors
  136. Show me your bidets
  137. How Much Electricity Per Month Does Your Household Consume?
  138. L/F Someone who can weld
  139. Fill My Crack In
  140. Replacement bins for pull-out recycler
  141. Adding Power Outlet To Finished Wall
  142. Current indoor humidity?
  143. Age of your furnace and what troubles has it had
  144. Plumber to install a laundry sink
  145. Indoor and outdoor mats.
  146. Junk removal
  147. Garage door issues
  148. Gas fireplace issue
  149. Ice/Frost in Attic
  150. checking for house shifting
  151. Brentwood Remodel! Follow Along Our Journey
  152. Will 1500W heat my garage?
  153. Exterior contractor - small job
  154. Beekeeping in Calgary and area
  155. Garage door repair
  156. How do dimmers work? Electricians?
  157. Attic Insulators
  158. Specialty Light Bulb Store
  159. looking for hardwood and exotic wood cutoffs - where to acquire
  160. Home window tint
  161. Ammeter that measures DC amperage.
  162. Home Inspectors?
  163. Developing my basement. Must haves?
  164. Getting rid of furniture
  165. Heated Tile Repair
  166. Leather furniture cleaner / deodorant
  167. are CFL bulbs a dead technology?
  168. Best adjustable desk for home?
  169. Smart Thermostats?
  170. Clawfoot Tub Refinish
  171. What is this?
  172. Kegerators
  173. Recommend a good drill press?
  174. Grass edge trimmer
  175. How to mount rims like this to wall
  176. Cleaning Gravel Off Yard
  177. Patio Furniture
  178. How extensive/expensive is this project? New patio/deck
  179. Where to find 8’(+) angle iron cheap?
  180. Spring fertilizer for lawn?
  181. Move Out Cleanings
  182. Any HVAC experts? Problem with buzzing from blower motor
  183. Solar PV System One year review with some data
  184. Home Automation Company
  185. Looking for interior painters to paint garage! Any beyonders or recomendations?
  186. Article Furniture
  187. Basement Bathroom Addition
  188. Larger Patio Umbrellas
  189. Staining Existing Deck
  190. Help with deck
  191. Gazebos and bylaw
  192. Looking for landscaper
  193. Microwave below a counter?
  194. Luxury built-in kitchen appliances
  195. Would your OCD kick in if this was your gate?
  196. Free horseradish
  197. Any ideas on how to fix a set of sagging stairs from the mainfloor to the basement?
  198. Sealing aggregate driveway - product recommendations?
  199. What is this Electrical Box/Device
  200. Condo Patios