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  1. LF: Roof, Siding, and Garage removal & install
  2. Where to buy hardwood floor?
  3. custom closets?
  4. Steam showers
  5. Bean Bag Chair
  6. Shower framing - need 2 pc of wood.
  7. Blinds
  8. Carpet and Vinyl
  9. Rubber Wood Chips
  10. Home Building Inspector
  11. Anyone have a 4 car front attached?
  12. Glass Patio Railing
  13. Hard wood flooring upgrades
  14. Ikea kitchen cabinets?
  15. Google Sketchup, friggin amazing
  16. Vinyl Decking
  17. New home build problem/question
  18. Vinyl lettering and numbers
  19. How much did u spend developing your basement?
  20. Need a Deck Builder: Any beyond.ca recommendations?
  21. Flooring guy
  22. Bulkheads/Painting
  23. Good month to build fence in Calgary, AB
  24. getting rid of mdf smell
  25. Water Cooler Bottles
  26. Anyone ever buy home plans online?
  27. Laying tile over lino floor?
  28. Where to Buy Square Chrome Legs?
  29. Best place for Sod? and where can you get the chiseled rocks for yard?
  30. How much to install laminate flooring
  31. Where to buy (tempered) shelving glass?
  32. Contemporary Furniture
  33. where to buy Glisten dishwasher cleaner?
  34. contractor information
  35. memory foam mattresses
  36. Need Help need a 54 inch Bathtub anyone know where?
  37. LF Structural Engineer to sign off on basement renos
  38. Electrical Questions
  39. Stainless Steel BBQ cleaner?
  40. Recommend a Deck contractor for large deck
  41. Functional and attractive floor lamps
  42. Is a over-rated bathroom exhaust fan bad?
  43. Outdoor Kitchens/ My wood fired oven build
  44. Dryer Vent Issue
  45. Where to buy cheap granite sealer?
  46. Holmes Smart Screen?
  47. Ground preparation for a vegetable garden.
  48. LF plumber
  49. Sound proof insulation, interior walls
  50. concrete driveway repair
  51. Scrap metal pick up
  52. removing glue from concrete floor
  53. House construction question
  54. Where can I buy a bathroom fan motor?
  55. Pouring cement, gravel or concrete slabs?
  56. Workout Mats?
  57. Monitored Home Security With No Home Phone
  58. LF:Contact @ Electronics Store-TV/Surround Sounds Etc
  59. LF Advice: Wireless Surround Sound
  60. Green Drop or comparable companies
  61. LF: Wallpaper Hanger
  62. Getting rid of 1000 lbs of brick/cinderblock waste?
  63. looking for a place that will replace a cracked ceramic tile?
  64. Looking to get the front walk/steps of house replaced
  65. LF Plumber to install sinks
  66. Homeowner Beware Education
  67. Kitchen modification. Rough Estimate?
  68. LF: Someone to build a retaining wall
  69. Garbage Bin Rentals
  70. LF: Masonry Repair Expert
  71. Action furnace?
  72. Where to get zipper parts in Calgary?
  73. LF : Roofer to move exhaust fan direction
  74. Building a garage & putting up a fence...
  75. Garage Pad Demo and New Pour
  76. Looking for outside stone flower bed and stone columns
  77. Rice cooker recommendations?
  78. Summer is coming and I need a small Condo AC unit. Plz help
  79. Geothermal Heating for house
  80. Any appliace guys on beyond?
  81. What all is needed for installing a hot tub ?
  82. Eavestrough Cleaning
  83. Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets
  84. Fence post hole questions.
  85. Decrease in Water Pressure?
  86. Where to get cabinet/cupboard rubber stoppers?
  87. best way to reduce dust in basement?
  88. General Laminate/Float Floor Questions
  89. Hand made Persian rugs
  90. Staining a pressure treated fence.
  91. Anyone recommend good contractors for a Concrete or Stone Patio and walkway
  92. LF: Painter for built in shelving and wood panelling - Ideas and advice needed!
  93. Water heater blew
  94. Water shut off in driveway
  95. Now I'm looking for an Underground Sprinkler Installer
  96. Anybody tried Firefree coating?
  97. Where to find a used riding mower?
  98. Toilet flapper closes too soon.
  99. Roof cost to replace? Recommend a Roofer
  100. Anyone know about Orchids?
  101. Anyone recommend someone to stone house exterior
  102. Scrap Iron Place?
  103. Question regarding permits
  104. Looking for food safe wood treatment...
  105. Garage Plan It
  106. Exterior security cameras...recommendations?
  107. Where can I buy a deep picture frame?
  108. Pressure Washer Probs - Please Help!!!
  109. Composite decking cons?
  110. Simple metal work, go to large industrial shop?
  111. Broken window HELP
  112. Need someone to install a screen door
  113. Lawnmower advice required: Gas or Cordless?
  114. Basement flooding, what to do?
  115. Cork Floor
  116. Herauf electric
  117. Looking for a load of gravel...
  118. Custom stainless Hood Fan
  119. Price check on hardwood?
  120. Cabinet refacing
  121. fire pit safety precautions on fiberglass deck
  122. Help wiring a switch
  123. Antique Coffee Table
  124. Backsplash Problem
  125. I need a sheet metal guy to install new HRV unit or Furnace...
  126. LF: Place to "hem" scrape carpet edges
  127. What to do with several hundred pounds of landscaping river stones?
  128. Basement wall crack
  129. Help BBQ Comparison
  130. Anyoen wnat a side job wiring cable/internet/phone?
  131. what is the best way to clean grease, etc. off the outside of a BBQ?
  132. Fence style preference Walden
  133. Need a bobcat person
  134. Where to buy smaller PVC piping?
  135. How hard are garage doors to install?
  136. Residential window glaze/tinting
  137. Best place in Calgary to buy hot tub?
  138. Phantom / other rolling or retracting screen doors
  139. lumber for fencing... best price?
  140. Best place to get a decent lawn mower?
  141. Curtain rods
  142. Deck Staining?
  143. Looking for concrete people for minor work
  144. Detached Garage Buildg with Plumbing?
  145. how to repair a crack/hole in a fiberglass bathtub?
  146. Professional Carpet Cleaners
  147. Tile/shower ideas
  148. Sealing grout
  149. Insect exterminator
  150. Tile Damage...
  151. Modern Art
  152. Louvered Doors
  153. what is the quietest oscillating fan?
  154. Granite cutting
  155. Sod Farm recommendations?
  156. Replacing Windows
  157. Where to Rent Wood Chipper?
  158. Tree Removal Companies
  159. Where to find experts on potential foundation compromise by tree roots?
  160. Average Fence Cost
  161. Question about elec line going to detached garage
  162. wireless temperature sensor
  163. How much power in overhead lines?
  164. Amperage for an electric cooktop?
  165. Where to find: Premade Dog Door - in a Door?
  166. Chain Link Fencing
  167. Yard Waste - Other Options than landfill??
  168. Where to buy a dozen small trees/bushes economically in/outside of Calgary
  169. How to locate sewer/water lines?
  170. Lawn Care
  171. water on a wood floor.
  172. Finally! Raid - Kills ants dead
  173. Where to buy a decent easy to hang hammock?
  174. plumbing help
  175. Mitsubishi Mr.Slim A/C units. Anybody?
  176. Moving/pod units
  177. Interior paint, brands/quality? does it matter for white?
  178. Wet Carpet
  179. Tile for Garage? Make garage bigger?
  180. Fridge isnt quite cold enough
  181. Building the Ultimate TreeHouse...
  182. Tub and surround average price??
  183. Can anyone recommend a good eavestroughing company?
  184. Where to buy slate tile cheap?
  185. Best Paint For Hard Plastic
  186. Memory Foam mattress topper
  187. Issue with Guys Hill Landscaping
  188. Recomendations for gas fitter please
  189. HELP : My grarge door open
  190. Neighbour's Tree Branches
  191. Kitchens
  192. Want to paint concrete foundation wall in unheated garage.
  193. Weed control
  194. Dirt
  195. LF: Interior Painter
  196. Hose/Hose Reel
  197. Basement humidity
  198. Recommend me a Floor plan program
  199. LF: Vacuflow Installer.
  200. Looking for Shower board...