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  1. Re-Carpeting House
  2. Air Conditioner Install
  3. Places to buy glass panes
  4. LF: Website for home remodeling
  5. Building a house with plans from a competing builder.
  6. Plumbing. 90 deg elbow impede flow?
  7. Turn off the lights.
  8. considering wall mount A/C
  9. Houses with a steel structure
  10. LF someone to sod my yard.
  11. Cost of Running A/C unit
  12. synthetic ice panels
  13. Recommend a good toilet
  14. Anyone tried using 1 steam generator for 2 steam showers?
  15. Dead outlet
  16. I need wood! Any contractor hookup?
  17. Deck building tips/advice?
  18. Pressure Treated Deck Size?
  19. Sealant that won't dissolve with new concrete?
  20. Newish Hot Water tank failure
  21. Help me hide my furnace
  22. Water on basement floor
  23. Exterior home painter recommendation
  24. flooring in condo
  25. Carpenter Needed for Small job (Door)
  26. Grass trimmers
  27. Exposed aggregate
  28. Possible wasps in the vents and stubborn landlord
  29. need some advice for planting some new shrubs and bushes
  30. Home automation... anyone tackle this adventure?
  31. Outdoor Curtains In Calgary?
  32. Too late to plant Emerald Evergreens?
  33. Filling window well with rock?
  34. Need your opinion Beyond on flooring
  35. Exterior siding repair
  36. Topsoil ontop of rocks?
  37. install short gas line (2 feet)
  38. When Choosing Fireplaces and Fuel
  39. OTR Microwave install (no studs!)
  40. Recommend a stone shop
  41. big gap underneath the front door walkway
  42. Enmax bill for Aug/12
  43. Water Damage to 2 Floors Below - Did I get scam by my condo board?
  44. Any HVAC people on here?
  45. Need a new Roof
  46. Earth Flattening Contractor?
  47. Question for the experienced sparkies (electricians)
  48. Plumber recommendation...
  49. Powerbridge
  50. Can anyone recommend a good "glass" guy?
  51. LF a refridgerator technician
  52. LF 91.5x30 interior doors
  53. Maintaining Granite
  54. Where to buy replacement fridge water filter locally?
  55. Carpet?
  56. LF: Apprentice Electrician
  57. Where to buy cultured stone
  58. LF: Baby Monitor Recommendations..
  59. My neighbours no longer want to pay for their side of the fence.
  60. Bed and matress sales guys?
  61. Dimmer to Single Pole Switch
  62. How to repair ceiling JB hole being too big
  63. Dr. Green lawn care
  64. Concrete Stain
  65. Recommend a Design/Engineering Firm for Home Reno
  66. Will a gazebo like this rip apart?
  67. Capping a bbq gas line.
  68. Favourite Tool/Job Aid
  69. House windows building moisture in between layers
  70. electric water heater questions
  71. LF: Draft Specialist
  72. 2 or 6 Panels?
  73. LF:bathroom fan installer
  74. How much would this roughly cost?
  75. General Cost for Blinds?
  76. Concrete companies
  77. Looking for short jack posts or alternative
  78. Where to rent a random orbital sander?
  79. Need a garage builder
  80. Grrr....I HATE tile manufacturer designers!
  81. Cracking concrete patio
  82. Forced air furnace, never shuts off!
  83. Ledger Board on Stucco House
  84. LF: Deck/Roof Repair
  85. Recommend a Landscaping Company
  86. Interior door replacement
  87. LF: Structural engineer for home reno project
  88. LF: interior decorator/designer
  89. |Heat Register Issues
  90. Best way to fix tile grout?
  91. Need A Window Cored In Basement
  92. Custom Metal Bars
  93. Furnace problem - not staying lit
  94. Windows & Doors For New House
  95. Plumbing Question! Need Answered! (Plumbing Trap Related)
  96. neighbour's trees' branches
  97. A Newbie
  98. Basement Plans?
  99. Cheapest stovepipe in town?
  100. floor runner for moving?
  101. Dishwasher Issue
  102. Garage-door Openers: Chain drive vs Screw drive
  103. Is your house warm?
  104. Half-bath reno
  105. Garage lighting
  106. mirror for home gym
  107. Anyone using pot lights in their garage?
  108. Bedroom addition
  109. Mold in the Bathroom of a Basement Rental
  110. Office furniture
  111. PVC Pipe (6 Inch)
  112. What is this gas fireplace worth? Any how much would it cost to remove it?
  113. Need a new house humidifer, serviceman recommendations?
  114. Centralized AC in Calgary
  115. LF: Electrician
  116. Lf: plumber
  117. General Contractor for Big Job?
  118. Modified thinset, where to buy?
  119. where to buy mosaic tiles in calgary??
  120. Is there a point in insulating a detached garage?
  121. Anybody do laser cutting in Calgary?
  122. Hot Water Tank Leaking
  123. built-in oven wiring issue
  124. I found a 220V outlet in my garage...
  125. oven repair
  126. Insulation, vapour barrier and roof vents in detach garage
  127. Dryer heat recycling during winter
  128. furnace ignitor source? (ie stupid thing broke at 11pm)
  129. Carpet installation for walls.
  130. Legacy Exteriors (Owned by Beyond member)
  131. Anyone put an addition onto their house?
  132. Basement Developments - Huge difference in pricing
  133. Broken Washing Machine
  134. Entertainment Wall Systems
  135. Snow Removal/Lawn Mowing Companies
  136. wtf do I do with this sh*t (fireplace)
  137. LF: painter
  138. Insulating detached garage question
  139. Freezer half working?
  140. Hole in roof - how should I fill it?
  141. LVL or PSL beams
  142. LED christmas lights question - white LEDs turned yellow
  143. Prefab Steps?
  144. Vinyl Siding - Can it be fixed?
  145. Christmas lights hangars.
  146. Water Softener...
  147. christmas light replacement bulbs?
  148. Absolutely Amazing Cleaning Calgary review
  149. I need someone to mount a camera for me $200
  150. furniture depot on 32nd
  151. What do you set your humidifier to in the winter?
  152. Enmax Emergency Service
  153. Nest Thermostat
  154. wires, wires, wires, need advice.
  155. Share your home
  156. basement light wiring
  157. Bed Linen
  158. live edge furniture in Calgary?
  159. Acceptable Window Install?
  160. Have a Sinking Feeling my xmas is going to suck
  161. Hot water tank issues
  162. List of skilled trades (house reno)
  163. Bathroom Vanities
  164. Cabinets and Counter top
  165. Invisible Fence, Wired or Wireless, anyone used these?
  166. woodworking shop
  167. Genuine Leather and Top Grain Leather & Leatherette
  168. Can't find central vacuum outlet
  169. GST Rebate on a New Home Purchase/Build
  170. Heated Garages in Calgary?
  171. Where to find recycled home products (Auction)
  172. Sink Install
  173. Benross Home Service
  174. Where to get frameless glass shower door?
  175. Hot tubs
  176. Hydroflow Water Treatment
  177. The Art of Hardware
  178. PLUMBERS! Need help with basement rough in!
  179. Mandoline slicer
  180. What is this cold air thing for?
  181. Options on relocating TV on top of Chimney
  182. Fix Garage Door :(
  183. Anyone wall mounted their flat screens on brick?
  184. Plumber - water softener install quotes
  185. How much did your hot water tank cost?
  186. Garage Heat
  187. Help design my basement
  188. Front door issues
  189. Any beyond plumbers on here?
  190. Need Help w/ New Washer to Stack w/ Old Dryer
  191. Lf: home theatre installer
  192. Affordable Art
  193. Where to get a custom acrylic piece done...
  194. Recent home in Kensington I did.
  195. Advice? - Builders lien by sub for garage built by Shaw Renovation & Construction
  196. What home security system do you sue or recommend?
  197. Washing machine
  198. Recommend a GOOD roofer?
  199. couch cleaning
  200. How much is used welding equipment worth?