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  1. Fort McMurray - how much $ makes it worthwhile?
  2. suggestions? Looking for some P/T work
  3. Dropping everything and moving to Australia
  4. LF: Civil Technologist & Engineer In Training
  5. Question - Fair to reduce pay of salary job if I work less hours
  6. Getting started in a Trade (Electrician)
  7. Tunerworks is hiring - Warehouse/shipping
  8. 'Baller' jobs
  9. Having a degree in both Chemistry and Geophysics worth it?
  10. LF: PT work as a mechanic
  11. Full Time IT to Contract IT work
  12. Will I get my bonus?
  13. Telus CSM 1 income anyone??
  14. Interview: How to get around not having high GPA?
  15. ARC Resources Ltd.
  16. LF: Hiring Vessel Fitters,B-Welders,Pipe Fitters, Instrumentation Technicians
  17. LF: FT Receptionist
  18. Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
  19. LF: Experienced Parts Person
  20. LF: part time job
  21. Anyone work for Ucity? how does it work?
  22. Street vender outside downtown.
  23. Hiring: Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader
  24. Wanted: Mechanic Placement
  25. Looking for a new graduate drafting position
  26. Perpetual Energy
  27. Cost Coordinator in the Oil Rigs
  28. Need a Temp Graphic Designer for 3 Months - $2500/month
  29. Criminal background check
  30. Tunerworks is hiring - Full-time Bookkeeper
  31. Atco Gas jobs
  32. New Grad Engineer - Salary Expectations
  33. Looking to get into detailing/ownership of my own shop
  34. Car Sales
  35. Pennwest...
  36. High-rise window cleaning in Calgary -
  37. How does your work places assign work to it's employees?
  38. Looking for a cash job for the summer!
  39. Heavy Equipment Jobs on the Oil Patch
  40. Vacation and transfer between two govn't organazations?
  41. LF: Part-Time Bookkeeper/Accountant
  42. LF: Job In Metal Shop
  43. Private Equity
  44. interview with Nexen?
  45. HIRING: Blue Devil Golf Course - all positions
  46. LF: Furnace Technicians
  47. Resume tips (was: Adding Color to Resume)
  48. Alberta launches website to name and shame deadbeat bosses.
  49. Hiring Automotive Technicians!!! SHAW GMC Chevrolet Buick
  50. Calling all Singers
  51. after applying for a job
  52. 2 week notice
  53. LF: Leather installer(contractor)
  54. Temporary staffing agencies?
  55. Any Field Operators out there in the patch?
  56. Suncor and TCPL
  57. How many days of Holidays do you get? (Technologist/Technicians)
  58. LF: Junior Accounting Position
  59. LF: Part time Landscape Labourer
  60. Welcome Aboard?????
  61. Junior IT tech/helpdesk position?
  62. LF: lot attendant
  63. What should I be wearing for working?
  64. Signed offer, decline?
  65. Entry Level Accounting Jobs in Calgary or Edmonton.. Do you know anyone hiring????
  66. Value of SAP
  67. LF: Service wash attendant
  68. Instrumentation inside sales position vs Med Lab Tech
  69. LF: Desktop Support LT 12 months
  70. desktop support
  71. Vacation/Holiday's the first year worked
  72. LF: (Autobody related). FT parts coordinator with salvage yard duties
  73. new homes framer needed
  74. LF: Full time detailer
  75. Can you get oil feild job with Class 5 with GDL?
  76. Good companys in Northern AB in oil industry to apply for entry levels
  77. Where do you go to job hunt?
  78. ERCB Interview
  79. Unmployment benefits?
  80. Who is the worst employer you have ever had?
  81. WTB:Part time job couple nights a week.
  82. Another oil field ???
  83. Heavy Duty Mechanic
  84. Job Offer
  85. ufe 2011 report
  86. Want perspective employers to take notice of you?
  87. Is anyone taking the CAIA exam?
  88. Tire & Wheel tech needed @ Tunerworks
  89. Warehouse shipper/receiver needed @ Tunerworks
  90. Sales position available @ Tunerworks
  91. Private Tutors Wanted Starting $20/hour
  92. Hiring: Rodman/survey Assistant
  93. Analyst in O&G or other commercial setting?
  94. No More Night Classes for IT Programs?
  95. looking for junior IT person asap
  96. Good economic (manufactering) hot spots in Sask?
  97. Career Advice!
  98. IT Project Manager Opening
  99. becoming a land agent in vancouver
  100. want to be a home inspector and need advice
  101. Applying for Jobs - Better to have electrical over software engineering degree?
  102. Looking for a job? Like the automotive industry? Let me know!
  103. Advice - Procurement/buyer
  104. What are the reasons for an engineering graduate not finding a job?
  105. Busy Calgary Dealership needs Journeyman Technicians
  106. CPS-tests/interview Questions
  107. company childcare subsidy
  108. How to handle a boss dinging extra vacation days?
  109. LF: Chinese food delivery driver
  110. Contractors, do you charge for job cancellations?
  111. Now Hiring Watch It! Chinook Centre Part-Time
  112. Electronics Technologists out there?
  113. Looking for a Construction Manager/Crew/General Contractor - 6 plex
  114. How to get into IT?
  115. Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering Applied Degree
  116. LF: Full Time Delivery Driver
  117. LF: Operations Manager and Skidsteer Operator
  118. Professional resume writers
  119. LF: Website Designer for small manufacturing company:
  120. LF: Structural Designer
  121. CNC Machinist Career questions
  122. Found an equity research associate job posting...
  123. Electrical engineering technologists
  124. Alberta Boot looking for: Boot/ Shoe repair. Sole stitching, triming
  125. Alberta Boot looking for: Sewers
  126. Inter pipeline Fund?
  127. Wanted: Automotive Technician
  128. Urban North Needs Shop Help Immediately!
  129. Labourers required for 1 - 2 months.
  130. Hair Dye?
  131. LF FT: Bookkeeper
  132. LF: Electrical Companies to Sub for us 1-2 Months
  133. Starting an Apprenticeship
  134. Future Career Advice
  135. A great experience and lifestyle in a foreign country!
  136. Consultant - Benefits Cost
  137. resume service
  138. Commuting from SW to NE
  139. Any Oil and Gas Land Employees here? I have questions!
  140. Embedded/Firmware Developer
  141. Jr. Electronic Technician
  142. The relevance of NEBOSH certification courses
  143. LF: 3rd year apprentice, or Licensed Automotive Service Technician. GM Exp Pfrd.
  144. Sheet Metal Worker - Journeyman
  145. virtual classroom/course
  146. Fort Mac??
  147. Getting into the automotive field
  148. LF: detailer / shop maintenance
  149. Looking for work: 2nd/3rd year Apprentice Millwright
  150. Is this a proper move?
  151. Bell - Consulting side
  152. Working While On Vacation
  153. Starting new in Car sales
  154. What did you do to overcome favoritism in the workplace?
  155. Looking for Service Technician IV
  156. pipeline integrity specialist
  157. Power Trading
  158. Oil Drilling - Leasehand Jobs?
  159. Cheap Plastic Business Card Printing?
  160. Looking for purchasing/supply chain management job
  161. PMAC/SCMP designation...
  162. Anybody do orbital welding or know somebody that does? NOT OILFIELD RELATED.
  163. Looking for an Entry Level Accounting Position
  164. IT contractors wanted FT/PT
  165. Need a Santa Claus for Sat Dec 1st (Children's Christmas Party)
  166. LF: A strong helper for one hour tomorrow
  167. HIRING! Jr- to mid - level account manager
  168. Best places to hit for work in December?
  169. Hiring: General Manager for a landscaping company
  170. LF: Carpet installer
  171. Looking for an illustrator for a quick job
  172. LF: Graphic Designer - Logo Design
  173. CAD/Mech Technologist career advice
  174. CAPPA level 1 challenge exam
  175. Environmental Management
  176. Landing an O&G job after engineering internship abroad
  177. Looking for a new opportunity in Welding
  178. My wife is looking for part time work.
  179. Oilfield Jobs Based Out of Edmonton
  180. Daytime Cleaners Needed
  181. Directional Drilling / Weatherford Contact
  182. LF: Cisco Network Analyst
  183. Former work lost last paycheck, best course of action?
  184. Medical Radiologic Tech (SAIT) interview questions
  185. LF: Lab technician position
  186. Looking for part time work asap!
  187. Taking time off
  188. applying for jobs that require a degreewhen you are a few classes away from a degree?
  189. Jiffy Lube creekside is NOW HIRING!!
  190. Oilfield Jobs
  191. WatchIt! Chinook now looking for candidates
  192. LF: Digital Animators
  193. Oil & Gas Engineering jobs
  194. Looking for: Summer analyst (software eng, eng phys, comp sci)
  195. LF Electrician to work with
  196. LF: HVAC company, gym flooring, etc..
  197. Where can I find an interneship for Drafting?
  198. LF: someone to Apprentice mein plumbing or electrical
  199. Power Trading Round Two
  200. How'd you get your foot in the oilfield door?!