View Full Version : 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo

07-03-2002, 05:43 PM
So I'm cruising back from a meeting in Palo Alto to San Francisco, clipping along at about 90mph (150km/h) and a dark blue Porsche Turbo blows up behind me, tailing me for about a mile or so, and then blows around me. We play cat and mouse for about 30 miles, reaching speeds of about 140mph (225km/h).

Best part was that he didn't totally kill me, even up between 130-140mph. Although he obviously was faster, it wasn't that significant. Then again, if we went much faster than 140, I would have gotten killed. I bet the Turbo could pull to 200 (barring speed limiters).

In any case, the beautiful, curvy 280 between San Jose and San Francisco was never as much fun as yesterday. Doing fairly tight sweepers at 140mph in the middle of the day is quite interesting.

07-03-2002, 10:53 PM
street encounters like that are few and far between, i wish I coudl haev witnessed that

07-16-2002, 04:17 PM
:eek: :eek:

07-16-2002, 06:51 PM
Reminds me of a trip in a 94 S4TT