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12-13-2005, 09:13 PM
Here's the plan anyway...I'll see if I can throw it together for Q2 2005
1991 Toyota Supra 2.5 Twin-Turbo-R

Tuning Menu

Engine Base: RS Fujimoto Attack 1.5JZ

-1JZ cylinder head, polished/ported
-New Toyota 2JZ engine block assembly
-Garage Yawata Inlet Manifold
-HKS Metal Head Gasket
-90 mm Throttle
-A/C delete
-HKS 264 inlet camshaft
-HKS 272 exhaust camshaft
-HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
-Trust Timing Belt
-Trust Accessory Pulleys
-High rev springs and retainers.
-Trust TD07-25A turbine
-Trust Turbo Manifold
-Trust 40 mm external wastegate
-4' intake pipe, with HKS SMF Filter
-26X14X4 Intercooler
-RS Fujimoto Intercooler piping
-Twin feed fuel rail
-Sard fuel pressure regulator,
-Sard (6) 850cc injectors
-2X255 lp/h Walbro Fuel Pumps
-RS Fujimoto Air Seperation tank
-Samco Silicone Coolant Hoses
-NightPager waterline distribution kit
-12" additional electric fan
-KOYO aluminum radiator, 1.3 bar cap
-Pentroof low-temp Thermostat
-ARC Cooling Panel
-Cusco PCV Oil Catch Tank
-Trust Oil Cooler, Oil Filter Relocation Kit, TRD Oil Filter.
-AEM CPU System (fuel, ignition, boost, launch)
-Fields ECU Jumper Harness
-ZEX Nitrous Oxide System
-Trust downpipe 85 mm
-RS Fujimoto SPL 100mm Exhaust
-C's Shifter with Trust Shift Knob
-RS Fujimoto Mounts
-ATS Deftforce 2 way LSD
-HKS GD Max Multiplate Clutch/Flywheel
-SFI Certified Crank Pulley
-Driveshaft Loop and Etc.


-Cusco Front Strut Bar
-Cusco Rear Strut Brace
-Cusco Trunk brace
-Cusco Hatch bar
-Cusco Master Cylinder Brace
-RS Fujimoto Miracle Cross Bar
-RS Fujimoto solid subframe bushings
-JIC Magic lower frame brace
-JIC Magic tubular adjustable control arms
-RS Fujimoto adjustable heim joint swaybar end links
-ST Swaybars, with polyurethane bushings
-Undetermined Coilovers (Cusco/Zeal/Kei Office/Silk Road)
-Night Pager recovery hook
-YSR chassis skidplate
-Safety 21 roll cage
-RS Fujimoto heim joint trailing, lateral, and leading rear suspension arms
-RS Fujimoto SPL Solid 6061 aluminum engine mounting
-RS Fujimoto SPL engine movement damper
-RK Sports Polyurethane suspension bushings
-Reconditioned and coated undercarriage
-Wilwood Proportioning valve
-Cusco spin turn knob
-Stainless brake lines
-Endless Brake Pads
-Hydraulic Parking Brake
-JZA80 front rotors
-BNR32 Front calipers
-Night Pager Brake Adapters
-30mm Hub Spacers
-17X9.0 Work Emotion KAI or..
-17X9.0 +2, 17X9.5 +2 Wedsport Farmas, Advan A048R 225/45/17 or..
-Stock Rims with slicks or..
-Stock Rims and snow tires...not

Left Overs

-OEM Turbo "A" Intercooler Duct
-TBO Japan Aero front bumper
-Bomex side steps
-Bomex Aero Mirrors
-S2 Project Carbon Under Diffuser
-(2) Bride Brix Seats
-Rear seats in Bride graduation fabric
-Stout Aero FRP Hood ($$$)
-RS Fujimoto bonnet spacers
-J-spec license plates
-J-spec 1/2 clear markers
-OEM Type-R smoked tailamps
-OEM Optional rain visors
-Crystal Headlamps, HID ballast and lamp
-Momo wheel
-280 km/h replacement speed meter
-Battery safety disconnect
-RCI 4 point seat harnesses
-Sparco pedal system
-Trust Boost Gauge
-Trust Fuel Pressure Guage
-2 HKS Pyrometers
-HKS Meter Panel
-Checkered Floor Mats
-Police Scanner
-Maybe a cd player, who cares
-Perhaps a stuffed animal ziptied to the rollcage
-all sorts of other junk lol