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03-17-2006, 10:26 AM
I've been up since 3 in the morning talking to some buddies in Japan, so if what I say sounds sort of retarded, its just cause i'm tired. :rolleyes:

I'm pretty sure some of you have seen my threads about JDM parts and engines; and that i've been searching high and low for parts. After searching, my conclusion is that the majority of import shops are located either down in the states and or east of us; in Toronto & Quebec. After much thinking, i've also come to the realization that I would pay even more duties & fees to ship parts back towards the west from the east; when the parts are delivered from west to east in the first place (Duh!).

I e-mailed one of my friends in Japan that works in a shipping company; and quite frankly the prices he quoted me on whole cars would be cheaper than to order individual parts; I.E. I can get a whole front clip of a v.5 GC8 Type-R for the same price of a engine & Tranny from the states or any of the importers in Quebec..

Now what I would like is to know if anyone here has interest or opinions on what sorts of front clips & parts they want. Judging by today's auction prices, with shipping & brokerage fees I will be able to outsource and sell whole front clips for about 500-600 dollars more than places like JDM source. Now i'm not saying that I'm opening up a company, but I would rather just be able to pay for my car addictions.

If anyone does have interest, I am able to also source other cars although my friends are Honda, Toyota, Subaru specialists.

03-17-2006, 11:50 AM
I am not interesting in a front clip (*yet maybe sometime down the road) but I could certainly use my fair share of parts. I will PM you with a list.