View Full Version : FS: Migs' Calgary AE86 Garage Sale!

06-17-2006, 11:45 AM
- complete AE86 zenki GT-S "disc to disc" rear end (control arms, axle housing, open diff, both axles, complete rear brake calipers and used rotors, lateral rod, rear sway bar) $250

- VERY clean, Blue 1986 AE86 GT-S front seats and rear flip down seats $150

- gauge cluster, AE86 zenki, $40

- AE92 GT-S windshield, almost new, PERFECT condition, $80!

- front strut casings, AE86, $100 for the pair

- AFM intake adapters (OEM fit adapters to clamp aftermarket air filters onto the AFM... ex: K&N cone style filters) $20 each

- 4AGE starters, $35 each

- 4AGE alternators, $40 each

- 4AGE bluetop distributors, $40 each

- 4AGE bluetop fuel injectors, $10 each

- 4AGE Bluetop AFM's, $30 each

- 4AGE bluetop Igniters, $30 each

- Complete OEM AE86 GT-S airbox (for that "back to stock" goodness), $30 each

- lexan sunroof wind deflector, sticks onto roof with double sided tape, $20

- used rear Sensatrac shocks for the AE86, $25 for the pair

- spare 1986 AE86 grey/black checkered fabric, inquire for price

- AE86 BLACK dashboards, $200 each

- AE86 corner fender lights, $20 each

- AE86 GT-S y-pipe/down pipe/secondaries, $30 each

- AE86 GT-S radiator, might have a small leak, might not, $20

Located in NW Calgary


[email protected]


06-17-2006, 11:54 AM
i know its not listed but you dont by chance have a crank pully for a 4age-agze my brother needs one bad but cant find one anywhere!

07-15-2006, 08:57 PM
Hey i need a driver side window for an AE86. do you have one by any chance?
or the door?--Only if its the 2 tone grey color.