View Full Version : Selling nice MC Hoya, B&W filter?

07-21-2006, 12:25 PM
I just got an idea ..

If buying B&W, HMC Hoya filters, CPL etc here, is very high price here .. ( say $50-70 )

I am thinking of .. may be do as business myself ?

Just for side job .. I dont think it can make money ( making $3-5 on 1 filter? ) but I may be able to write off some tax ... and it is my hobby ...

Any idea??

Like a good CPL 77m Hoya filter is over $100 here .. wholesell cost may be around $55-60 .. if I get a bigger amount .. with shipping .. tax .. and if I sell for $75 etc .. no tax that is not bad ..right?

um .. :dunno: