View Full Version : FS: VG30DETT 300ZX TT engine for sale!!!

07-22-2006, 12:46 AM
After condering whether or not to rebuilt my engine or replace with a JDM one, I have decided to go with a JDM and therefore I have a complete and operational VG30DETT engine for sale.

Here's the catch....It's all in pieces and taken apart and in the middle of a re-build.

Engine has around 97,000 kms on it and is current sitting in storage.

I will be keeping the tranny and everything that I need for the swap, the remainder of teh engine (pretty much the whole thing) will be for sale!!!

I am going on holidays from July 23rd to july 26 and will be available to show and sell part shorty after I return!!!

Everything on teh engine is working and intact, just taken apart!!!

I have no idea what to ask for the engine or the pieces so I will put a price of (per Beyond.ca rules) for $1000.00 for the all.

I may be out to lunch so please feel free to PM me with questions and or offers.

Willing to part out if I cant sell it whole, would prefere to sell it as one lot and the buyer can do whatever with the rest!!!!

Open to offers suggestions and maybe even trades for parts that I may want for a 1990 300 ZX fairlady!!!