View Full Version : Chevy S10 Extended Cab

07-22-2006, 01:14 AM
Well, I've been gone for a month to New Mexico. Drove my truck there from Georgia to have some work done to it by my uncle. To begin with, went only for a paint job, but ended up doing alot more than that. The only thing i didnt do to this truck, was the paint. I built everything including the role pan and corvette tail light places, front scoop, shaved the door handles and tailgate handle, and the antena is mounted under the hood, built a box inside the tailgate for my plate. rims and tires to come soon. I dont know if you guy seen the Tornado things advertised on TV, that help with the gas milage... I built one of them too, gave me another 8 miles per gallon!!! The front bumper come from a local shop, mirrors from an independant supplier. The paint, my uncle Elmo Garcia from Clovis, New Mexico. Yes, his name is Elmo. NO he doesnt have ANY red hair... I dont mind that you guys see my tag, im moving today anyways :poosie: