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08-20-2006, 06:39 PM
Hey guys,

I am renting out a place and I can't seem to find a rental agreement online anywhere. Does anyone have one?

08-20-2006, 09:02 PM
The tenancy created by this agreement is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act (Alberta)
and if there is a conflict between this agreement and the Act, the Act prevails.
THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT (hereinafter the "Agreement")
Is entered into on the _____ day of ___________, 20___
BETWEEN: _______ ________________________ located at
(hereinafter referred to as the "Landlord")
(Landlord's Street Address)
(Landlord's City, Province, Postal Code)
(Landlord's Phone Number)
AND: _______ ________________________
(hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant")
(hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant")
(hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant")
1. Rental Premises (check one)
The rental premises are a ___ single family dwelling, ___ unit in a duplex, triplex or four-plex
___ condominium or ___ an apartment, located at:
(Street Address) (City) (Province) (Postal Code)
2. Agreement Term
The term of this agreement shall be a (check one):
 Fixed Term Tenancy of ___ months that begins at 12:00 noon on the ___ day of
_________________, 20 __, and ends at 12:00 noon on the ___ day of
_________________, 20 __.
Once the fixed term tenancy is over the tenant may continue on with:
__ a month to month tenancy, or renew __ a lease agreement.
 Periodic Tenancy
That begins at 12:00 noon on the ___ day of _________________, 20 __ and continues
on a month to month basis until terminated by the Landlord or Tenant in accordance with
the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and regulations, thereunder.
3. Rent
The rent shall be $_____ per month, and is payable on or before the 1st day of each month.
The first month's rent of _____ shall be payable on the ___ day of ___________, 20__.
 A series of post-dated cheques in six (6) month segments are required (check if applicable).
Rent cheques are payable to: _____________________________ _______
4. Tenants
There will be ___ person(s) occupying the rental premises and their names are:
1. _________________________ 2. _________________________
3. _________________________ 4. _________________________
Except for casual guests, no other persons shall occupy the premises without written consent
from the Landlord.
5. Utilities and Appliances
Utilities will be paid by the parties Appliances will be supplied and
indicated below: maintained in working order as below:
Landlord Tenant Landlord Tenant
Electricity _ _ Stove _ _
Gas _ _ Refrigerator _ _
Water _ _ Dishwasher _ _
Telephone _ _ Furnace _ _
Cable _ _ Hot water heater _ _
Garbage removal _ _ Garage door
Other ___________ _ _ opener _ _
Other ___________ _ _ Washer _ _
Other ___________ _ _ Dryer _ _
Other _ _
______ Initial ______ Initial
6. Security Deposit
The Landlord acknowledges receipt from the Tenant of the sum of $_____ as a security
deposit to secure the Tenant's performance of the obligations imposed by this agreement.
The following terms shall apply to the deposit:
(a) The Landlord may claim only the amount reasonably necessary to repair damages to the
premises caused by the misconduct of the Tenant, except deterioration caused by fair
wear and tear, or to remedy any other default by the Tenant under the provisions of this
(b) If the Landlord claims any portion of the security deposit, he/she shall give to the Tenant
a written accounting for the claim in the prescribed form within 15 days of the Tenant's
departure from the premises.
(c) The Landlord agrees to pay the amount of interest on the security deposit as prescribed
by law.
The Tenant agrees upon termination of this contract that any damages caused during
tenancy by the occupant(s) and/or their guests will be repaired at the expense of the Tenant.
Replacement of any belongings (furniture, dishes, etc.) or repair of damages (other than
normal wear and tear) that are not completed prior to vacating the premises will be performed
at the Landlord's request and billed against the Tenants security deposit. ___ Initial
7. Maintenance - Landlord
The Landlord shall at all times maintain the premises and appliances provided by him/her in a
condition that complies with the Residential Tenancy Act.
8. Maintenance - Tenant
The Tenant shall keep the yard mowed, clean and free of rubbish and in a presentable
condition at all times, and all walkways and driveways free of snow and ice and agrees to
keep the sidewalk surrounding the premises free and clear of all obstructions; to take due
precautions with respect to water and waste pipes and in the event same become clogged by
reason of the Tenant's neglect or recklessness, the Tenant shall repair the same at his/her
own expense as well as pay for all damage caused.
9. Notice of Entry
The Landlord shall give 1 (one) days' notice of his or her or the Realtor's intent to enter the
rental premises during reasonable hours, but such notice need not be given in the event of
an emergency or if the Tenant consents to the Landlord's entry without such notice being
10. Waiver
a) The Tenant agrees to maintain an insurance policy designed for tenants to insure their
effects against loss from water, fire and theft and third party liability insurance and the
Tenant hereby waives and releases the Landlord from any liability against loss from
water, fire and theft to their property or goods unless caused by negligence of the
Landlord. _____ Initial
b) The Tenant hereby indemnifies the Landlord from any damage arising from acts of
negligence by Other Occupants, Contractor(s) and/or guests to the rental premises, any
common areas or the property of which they form a part.
11. Over-holding
If the Tenant remains in possession after a lawful termination without the Landlord's consent,
the Landlord may apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch for an order of possession. The
Landlord may also recover damages from an over-holding Tenant which exceed the amount
of any retained security deposit.
12. Assign or Sublet
The Tenant agrees not to assign or sublet the premises without the Landlord's written
permission and consent. The Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold consent.
13. The Landlord agrees not to raise the rent for the next 12 months, and any increase given
shall be given in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.
14. The Tenant agrees to notify the Landlord of an intended absence of more than seven days
and will permit the Landlord to enter the premises during the absence if reasonably
15. The Tenant is allowed no pets.
16. The Tenant agrees to no smoking in the suite by the occupant or guests.
17. In the event that the Tenant vacates the premises before the end of the term, the Tenant will
be charged two months rent, written notice is to be provided on or before the last day of the
18. Other:
THIS DOCUMENT is intended to be a complete record of the rental agreement. Both parties are
to have a complete copy of this agreement. All promises and agreements must be included
herein in writing and agreed to by both parties or they are not enforceable.
________________________________ _________________________________
Landlord or Landlord's Agent Tenant Tenant
Tenant Tenant
Date ___________________, 20 __ Date ______________________, 20 __
I hereby acknowledge receipt of a duplicate original of ____________________________
this agreement on this ___ day of ____________, 20__ Tenant's Signature