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09-14-2006, 12:59 PM
Hope this is the right place/forum. Was doing some research on my Golf due to a faulty brake relay switch (a known problem and recall on many Jetta's from 99-02). Unfortunately the brake relay switch is the same on Golf but recall is not affected on the Golf.

Going to get this fixed today, however after lodging a complaint with VW Canada Customer Service ...1 (800) 822-8987
Hours are 8:00 am 7:00 pm ET Mon Fri) they told me like any problem the squeeky wheel gets the grease....so if you have ever experienced this type of problem with brake lights remaining on, not going on when they should, constant brake light replacement for bulbs blowing out (I think I've replaced 3-4 in last couple of years), then please call and lodge a complaint. If they get enough complaints then they will eventually make a recall.

Even if you already got it fixed, keep the receipt and as long as it's genuine VW replacement part, they will reimburse you...

Also found out they will be making another recall for all those Jetta owners that already had a brake light relay switch installed during initial recall again in December 2006....looks like engineering took one too many trips to Amsterdam when this part was being developed!