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11-30-2006, 06:48 AM
Hey there,

I have some windshield repair equipment for sale. I was planning on starting a business but never ended up doing it. The stuff is a little under 2 yrs old but has only been used to practice 2 or 3 times. This is all you need to start your own business.

Here is the list of what I have:

1) Liquid Resins injector and holding device (bridge)
comes with couple extra injector tips and o rings. Also comes with VHS Liquid Resins instructional video which thoroughly shows you how to use.

here is link to website:


Retails for $269.00US new (not including instructional video which they sell for an additional $70-80US)

2) Basic repair bridge and injector. Don't know brand as there it is not marked on bridge. Looks very similar to this one though:


scroll down to Crystalene Repair Bridge retailing for $175.00US

3) Dremel minimite 4.8V Model 750 recharchable drill and charger

This comes with a couple extra bits and assorted polishing tips, etc.

4)UV Box UV light - small battery powered UV light. Has suction cup to hold on window.

5) Rougly 60-70ml of repair resin. Clarity windshield repair supply is the brand. 1 bottle is general purpose and 2 are Thin. NOTE - These resins are almost 2 yrs old so I can't guarantee the quality as I'm not sure of resin lifespan. Probaly good enough to practice with if nothing else.

5) Other miscellanious items include UV shield with suction cups to keep resin from drying while u are still working, crack expander device to allow resin to flow into break easier, suction cup mirror to see your work from the inside, manual pump (looks kind of like syringe but larger with plastic tubing that hooks to liquid resins injector/bridge.), 20 - 30ml of pit polish, safety googles, tool box (just a cheap $10 - $15 canadian tire plastic type)

Asking $500.00 OBO for everything listed above. This is basically all you need to get started repairing windshields. Excellent income potential with very small initial investment.

Will considering parting out if interest is there.


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