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05-06-2007, 03:14 PM
Just got a few computer parts that i got laying around and don't use anymore. Everything was pulled from working systems. I think for the most part everything is reasonably priced, but if it isn't please let me know and i'll update as needed.

Hard Drives

Seagate SG22580-300 REV A (8gb)
I think this was from an xbox in one point in time, but im not 100% sure - $5

Maxtor 91366U4 13.6 GB 7200 RPM IDE - link:
http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=91366U4&cat=HDD - $10

Maxtor 32049H2 20.4 GB 5400 RPM IDE - link: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=32049H2-R&cat=HDD - $15 - sold


Twinmos pc2700 (CL2.5) 256mb DDR SO-DIMM (for laptop) - $15
8 sticks of 128mb PC100/133 SDRAM - $10 each
2 sticks of 256mb PC100 SDRAM - $20 each


Intel 3945ABG MINI-PC 802.11/A/B/G 54 MBPS Wireless Lan Card
link: http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=18483&vpn=WM3945AGM1WB&manufacture=Intel - $20


Asus TUSI-M with a p3 866 link: http://www.lanyoncomputers.com.au/home/product.jsp?id=1231 - $20

Gigabyte GA-7ZM with a duron 700 link: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mainboards/display/ga-7zm.html - $15


Intel P3 slot1 800mhz processor - $5 - sold
Intel P3 733 Socket 370 - $5
Intel Celeron 1.1 Ghz socket 370 - $10

Computer Cases

Lian Li PC61 Case with 350w power supply - http://www.i-tech.com.au/products/5563_LIAN_LI_PC_61USB_BLACK_ALUMINIUM_MIDI.aspx
I think it's a pc61, i couldn't find any product markings on it though, the sides are aluminum and the font cover is plastic. It has a few small scratches on it, nothing major (mostly top back corners) an awesome case - $50

Apevia Case with a 300w power supply - http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?PageTag=&page=file&memx_menu=EmbedProductDetail.php&DisplayProductID=4487&SID=
It doesn't glow like in the memory express picture but it's the exact same case, the front cover has a little bit of dust behind the clear front cover (no idea how it got there) but i can't seem to clean it out, also it has those drive covers, one (there's two) of the covers is missing a spring and the flap doesn't go back up, so i just rigged it so it just stays up. - $20

Graphics Cards

ATI Rage 128 AGP Graphics Card with tv tuner - link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ATI-128-PRO-AGP-Rage-Theater-TV-Tuner-CAPTURE-CARD-AIW_W0QQitemZ280110221245QQihZ018QQcategoryZ3761QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem - $10

Promise Ultra 133 TX2 pci card (allows you to hook up more ide devices) link - http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?segment=Non-RAID%20HBAs&product_id=87 - $10


IBM Netvista 6823-1AU
link (with specs) - http://www3.shopping.com/xPF-IBM-NetVista-A22p-6823-68231AU
Comes with a 17" ibm monitor, matching ibm keyboard, mouse and power cord. Unfortunately i don't have the windows xp home restore disks, but it does have the windows xp home key on the side of the case (dunno if that matters) so it will be wiped before it's sold, or i can install ubuntu or something like that if requested. Also the ram has been upgraded to 384mb - $80OBO - sold

That's pretty much it for now, if i find anything else i'll update this thread.

05-13-2007, 03:28 PM
updated a few prices, and the ibm computer now includes a 17" monitor

05-14-2007, 05:12 PM
might take the asus/p3 866....

05-15-2007, 08:04 PM
ok ... if you decide you want it, send over a pm