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06-05-2007, 05:44 PM
1) FIC IC-VG61 Ice Cube Barebone computer
- CPU Support Intel Socket 478 (400/533MHz)
- Chipset: Intel 845GE
- IDE Interface: ATA100
- Memory: DDR 200/266/333 X2
- Graphic: Graphics Embedded
- Audio: AC '97 6-Channel
- Expansion Slots: One PCI, One AGP
- Front I/O: Two USB, One 1394, One Line-in, One MIC-in, One SPDIF-in, One Center/Bass, One Rear out
- Rear I/O: One Serial Port, One LAN, Two USB, Two 1394, One Line-in, One Headphone, One MIC, One SPDIF-in, One VGA (TV out & S-Video solution optional)
- LAN port: One
- Drive Bays: Two 3.5", One 5.25"
- IEEE 1394 ports: Two
- Power Supply: 220 Watts
- Chassis Material: Aluminum
- Dimensions: 292 X 200 X 186 mm

2) Pentium 4 2.4gHz

3) 512 mb DDR 266 Ram

4) LG DVD/CD-R combo drive
16x DVD / 48x/24x/48x
(This is NOT a DVD burner.)

5) 120GB Maxtor hard drive

6) ATI Radeon 9250 (Maddog) (
* RADEON Visual Processing Unit (VPU)
* AGP 8X (Backward Compatible to 4X)
* 128 MB of DDR Memory
* Dual Integrated Display Controllers
* Dual Integrated 10 bit / Channel 400 MHz DACs
* Integrated 165 MHz TMDS Transmitter
* Integrated TV-output up to 1024 x 768
* CHARISMA ENGINE II Rendering Engine
* SMARTSHADER Programmable Shader Engine
* SMOOTHVISION Image Quality Engine
* HYPERZ II Memory Bandwidth Engine
* Supports DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL

(from original seller):
As you can see, it's quite compact and can fit into small places if you're tight on space. I believe the handle can be removed as well. (I did remove the handle, it looks better!)

I'd say it's a pretty quiet computer. It's not dead silent, but definitely quieter than a tower PC. (Once every 4 months, the rear fan starts to be noisy, to fix this you just got to remove it, blow it out and spray some wd40 on it.)

Includes driver cds and whatever else I can find for it.

Some additional info:

Product shots:

$200 OBO for everything listed above NO OS! Will be fully tested and inspected from buyer before purchase with Windows XP.
I can throw in a 13" CRT monitor for free.


06-07-2007, 09:36 PM