View Full Version : FS: misc PC stuff

06-12-2007, 10:14 PM
antec 450w smartpower power supply - SOLD
pulled from an antec sonata 2.0 case, the ps was only used for a few hours

gamecube w/ viper extreme modchip - SOLD
comes with one nintendo 1st party controller, ac cable, and video cable
no games

logitech mx510 mouse - $10

firewire pci card - SOLD
pci card with 2 1394 ports

realmagic hollywood plus dvd decoder card (pci) - $10

usb gamepads - $5 each
2 thrustmaster ones and 1 gravis gamepad pro
Gravis gamepad pro is sold

You can see pics of everything at http://kenter.awardspace.com/sell/sell.htm