View Full Version : WTS: Barebones watercooling system

06-19-2007, 11:38 AM
looking to sell my water cooling system.

currently has:

2.6C pentium processor S478
Asus P4RD1-Mx mobotherboard
6800 GT PCI-E video card with silencer cooler on it (never clocked)
1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 ram (single stick)

All this is sitting in a modified lian-li case with a 120x3 radiator along the top side of the case. All tubing is 1/2" tubing for optimal water flow and cooling.

The pump being used is a swifttech MCP 655 inline pump.

There currently is also a swifttech waterblock on the CPU and I have a northbridge waterblock that I have yet to install. I currently have the setup to fit all within the system so its a clean nice install. The resevoir is careful place at the top for easy viewing of water and refilling. I run all blue colored flex tubing to make it easy to reroute and change the system around. System has been running strong for about 6 months no leaks or problem whatsoever.

Even if the hardware is not of interest to you the current water cooling system can easy be changed to fit any motherboard/cpu computer with the easy purchase of ANY 1/2" water block! As the pump, radiator,resevoir and tubing are all already in place!

Currently as is the water cooling system is way over kill fo rthe hardware it is running. Though due to school and being unemployed I'm looking to unload this and just use my laptop from now on.

Anyways for pricing

600 OBO for everything listed above thanks! Send me a pm or give me a call at 9988770. I'll try to get pictures when I can.