View Full Version : white type r, with the rage decals

06-21-2003, 03:05 AM
thanks for reminding me what my 92 horses have against a type r haha (not on the street of course) :)

06-21-2003, 07:38 AM
that was probably paul from silent rage :)

06-21-2003, 10:15 AM
hahah 92 horses!!! ME TOO!!! heheh

06-21-2003, 11:39 AM
Definatly Paul....unless someone stole his car

06-21-2003, 01:23 PM
yea thats the guy, oh well...i gotta get some boost or b

06-21-2003, 02:36 PM
I wish my car had 92 horses :(

Gondi Stylez
06-22-2003, 04:49 PM
Originally posted by topher91
hahah 92 horses!!! ME TOO!!! heheh

haha good ol' DX's

06-22-2003, 06:23 PM
haha my old jetta had 86 hp, its funny when they advertised lawn mowers with more power hahaha..... 90 hp lawn mower ENGINE SWAP!

06-22-2003, 11:42 PM
haha it makes me so sad oh well, pick up an crx std and you got yourself a whopping 62 horses or something

06-23-2003, 01:40 PM
Hey that was actually roy driving my car. I was the one hammered in the back seat eggin' ya on. VTEC sounds kinda loud eh? I've been told that's the loudest that a lot of people have heard. Your a good sport, thanks for the entertainment.

06-23-2003, 05:39 PM
haha yea my buddy was like "the guy in the back is fingering us" haha i was like yea but i cant do shit haha...yea man, once he hit vtec the thing was loud as hell, sounded pretty sweet though it was right in my ear haha, oh well it was fun haha