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stevo 27
07-20-2007, 02:44 PM
well boys im building a MONSTER of a st-165
and believe it or not this is my daily driver :P

here we go


2nd gen 3sgte
complete port job (done by me)
ferrea comp plus 1mm oversized valves
shimless bucket conversion
hks 272 exhaust/ intake cams
ferrea dual valve springs with titanium retainers
ats adjustable cam gears
86.5mm weisco pistons (o.o2o over)
pauter rods
acl main and rod bearings
tte metal head gasket
ats l-19 head studs
high volume oil pump
Gt3588r garett turbo
Tail 40mm external wastegate
custom tubular exhaust manifold 304 sch 40 stainless steal (built by me)
aeroquip oil/ coolant lines
rmr 75mm mustang tb centerfeed intake manifol
bbk 75mm throttle body
34x16x4 front mount intercooler
2.5/3" charge pipes
hks ssqv blow off valve
aluminum radiator
dual 12" electric fans (controlled by switches in the cockpit)


1600cc top feed fuel injectors
speedsource top feed fuel rail
aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
aermotive a1000 inline fuel pump (controlled by switch in cockpit)
aluminum fuel cell
1/2" id stainless braided fuel lines
high flow fuel filters
150-250 shot of nitrous


autotronic ems
hks evc5 boostcontroller
autometer 35psi/ 30hg boost gauge
autometer 2000 F pyrometer
autometer fuel pressure gauge
autometer oil pressure gauge
autometer oil temp gauge
autometer water temp gauge
aem eugo wideband gauge
10,000rpm monster tach
160mph speedo

tilton twin disk carbon and carbon
custom flywheel
RC transmission
ats cromoly axle cages on all 4 corners
aluminum drive shafts
aluminum driveshaft hoops
soilid rear diff mount
speedsource soild motor mounts
willwood big brake kit
stainless brak lines
extended clutch slave
soild crossmenber bushings
solid shifter bushings
motegi tacklites 16x8 14lbs each
DIY short shifter
tein HA coilovers
full cage 12 point (having it certified by nhra)

corbeu lightweight fixed back seats 12lbs each
corbeu 3" 5 point cam lock harness'
FULLY gutted (minus stereo hehe ;))
mr10 lexan hatch and rear quarter windows
aluminum hatch floor

umm thats pretty much everything im sure i forgot a bunch of stuff

but here's some progress pics enjoy








theres ALOT more pictures i just have to upload them

as in my sig im going for the fastest alltrac record
and the fastest 4cyl in alberta wich i have to beat [email protected]

personaly im going for 9 secounds

i expect to be in the 700awhp area with the spray at 9000 ish rpm

at the moment my trac weighs 2700lbs ive removed 200ish more lbs
then adding the cage so i expet to be 2900lbs race weight (with me in it)
running on 8" wide slicks



previews of the drivers seat and i do love my big gay tach haha

some gauges are missing at the moment


the new fuel pump fuel cell and beginings of my aluminum floor



stevo 27
08-04-2007, 10:17 PM