View Full Version : 1990 240sx coupe w/ Silvia Conversion

08-05-2007, 03:10 AM
Here are some pics of my 1990 240sx Silvia. I'm actually selling it now...:( due to needing something bigger and more comfortable. $6300.00 asking price.

1990 2.4L, 5spd, Digital HUD (works!), ABS, cruise, A/C, 4 wheel disc brakes, power doors, windows, sunroof!

Mint interior condition. I have done just a bunch of stuff to it. Got new rims and rubber. The pics are with the old tires on the back...I know they're small...but thats' been taken care of . :D

List of stuff done (most recent listed first):

Brand new Dunlop SP Sport 5000 225/45/17 on the rear
Brand New Black/chrome lip rims.
Alpine CD/mp3
New panasonic speakers
Brand new Fuzion (bridgestone) ZRi 205/40/17 on the front (For sale separately if someone's interested...pm me)
New back window since it got busted by some drunk kids....
New master clutch cylinder
PIAA White bulbs H3C for low beams
Silvia Front End installed by the boys at Autodream!
Aftermarket Spark plugs/wires
Ractive Intake

I haven't done much as you can see but I had big plans for it in 2 years when I graduate from uni...but I need something bigger and can't afford two cars.

I absolutely love how the RWD lightweight 240s handle. I've asked around and people say these handle better than a 300zx... but not as fast :whocares:
I've driven a G35 and its not even close in handling (too much weight IMO)
I've driven a 350z as well....now those are nice!:clap