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Silver Bullet
08-06-2007, 04:40 PM
Alright heres a list of crap I can remember doing off the top of my head...

- RK Sport SS Hood (fiberglass)
- Wings West Shark Wing
- GM Side skirts
- JDM Styled Signal Lights
- Cosmos Blue Headlights, with blue LED accents (le sechs!)
- Tinted Windows
- 7 color Street Glow LED underglow
- Blue Licence Plate Bulb
- Painted Rims, Nuts, Calipers

- Ichibahn Shift Knob (POS!)
- Exterior Paint Matched Dash
- Black Lights under dash
- Uber Blue dome light

- 12 Inch Solo Baric L7
- Kicker Amp
- Sony GT500 cd deck (must get replaced)
- Pioneer Mid's in rear
- JB's in the front
- Stinger NOS Cap

Engine Junk:
- 2200 (... sigh ...)
- MSD Tower Coils
- Taylor 8mm Blue Plug Wires
- Pace Setter Header
- Vibrant Cat Back
- Iridium Spark Plugs
- AEM Cold Air Intake
- AirAid Throttle Body Spacer

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