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10-03-2007, 10:00 AM
Up 4 sale is a full set of top of the line right handed Ping golf clubs.

The G5i irons feature an enhanced perimeter weighting making the G5 irons very forgiving and are designed for golfers who have a mid to high handicap or even the seasoned pro

• Larger, thinner Custom Tuning Port creates a larger surface area against the face of the club in stabilizing the face of the club head while improving sound and feel.
• Deep undercut cavity creates a straighter ball flight due to a higher moment of inertia.
• Lead edge radius helps improve ground impact for better ball impact.
• Wide sole technology moves the center of gravity back from the face producing a higher ball trajectory

Included is;
4-PW iron set (reg flex steel shaft)
Orig. $1,249.00

Additional clubs
3 iron (reg flex steel shaft)
Orig. $150
SW (reg flex steel shaft)
Orig. $150
LW (reg flex steel shaft)
Orig. $150
G5 Driver (Stiff flex graphite shaft)G5 head cover included
Orig. $399.00

G5 3 wood (Stiff flex steel shaft)G5 head cover included
Orig. $299.00

G5 5 wood (stiff flex steel shaft)G5 head cover included
Orig. $299.00
Ping Pengyo Putter (with ping putter cover)
Orig. $119
"Made from 'aerospace quality' stainless steel with a satin finish, the Pengyo has a continuous curve on the flange which, it is claimed, keeps the centre of gravity low for optimum roll. The curved flange is both aesthetically pleasing and confidence building.

Ping cart bag (red fabric bag)
Orig. $168

Orig. TOTAL $2983
Asking $1499 NOW $1000
If I can sell these in the next few days I will sell for $1000 otherwise I will just keep them. when the Golf courses are selling there used rentals off at $1500 with a waiting list this is an insane deal.....

These Pings rival all the best clubs on the market including Callaway x18, Callaway X20, Callaway FT drivers, Callaway Big Bertha, Nike CCI, Nike slingshot, Nike Sumo, Taylor Made R7, Taylor made burner, Titleist irons, Odyssey putters,

I would like to sell as a complete set but would sell the irons separate if you like.http://kijiji.ebayimg.com/i23/02/k/000/78/0d/8e11_18.JPGhttp://kijiji.ebayimg.com/i4/03/k/000/78/0d/8e5c_20.JPG http://kijiji.ebayimg.com/i5/03/k/000/78/0d/8efc_20.JPG http://kijiji.ebayimg.com/i6/01/k/000/78/0d/9036_20.JPG

10-04-2007, 11:44 PM
sorry message box now cleared

10-08-2007, 04:56 PM
SOLD to a great buyer,....thanks Peter