View Full Version : FS: 2x1GB Buffalo Firestix D9GKX 1000MHz

10-16-2007, 02:15 PM
THIS IS A FEELER! I am considering making the jump to DDR3 by way of the Intel X38 chipset (Abit IX38 Max or Asus Maximus Extreme) but I need to know I can sell my current DDR2 ram first.

The P/N for the kit I have is FSX1000D2C-K2G. These are using the highly sought after Micro D9GKX IC's, which are considered by many to be the best overclocking DDR2 chips available. I went through 4 other memory kits before I found one that had D9GKX chips. Other sets from OCZ (2 sets), Mushkin and Corsair all turned out to be D9GMH, which although pretty good, really dont play very well with a 680i.

These modules are excellent for super low latency at lower speeds or for some extremely fast clock speeds, and as with all high end memory kits they are guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.

These currently sell for about $370CDN.


I have been using this memory kit with my Asus P5N32E-SLI 680i since July at 800MHz with timings of 3-3-3-8-1T at 2.2V. I have never taken these sticks above their rated speed of 1000MHz, even though they have been documented to do so quite easily by many places on the net.

I have and would provide the original receipt with the memory as well.

I am looking to ask $300 obo, but if you are interested PM me an offer. I will let them go for a reasonable price because I'm really itching to get my new DDR3 system going.