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07-23-2003, 08:26 AM
My gf is looking to take one of these courses at U of A. this fall (Or maybe next fall since it might be a little late):
Speech Therapist (I think you major in psych and minor in linguistics)
Occupational Nurse

Anyone have any info on these courses? Experience with them?

Also - in regards to Nursing she is wondering how the 2nd semester work study works - anyone have any experience with this (At u of a or u of c if it's the same)? She's worried because she thinks she'll work 6days/week for 6 weeks...
<I know, it's not much to me, but she thinks it is>

Any other general info for her to consider would be great.

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Originally posted by kaput
I don't know much about nursing, a friend of mine is in it and the first year was kinda lame, they basically just bathed each other and shit like that, and it ended with a 2 week (8h/day) practicum into the summer, and for second year, he spend one full 8h day at the hospital per week working there, and then takes classes for the rest of the week. That's not much info, but it's a start. Oh and he's at U of C.
Hmmm bathing each other eh... Some of those nursing students at SAIT are hot... Hmmm I think its time for a transfer ;)

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Originally posted by TurboDSM

Hmmm bathing each other eh... Some of those nursing students at SAIT are hot...

And many of them are not :rofl: It's the luck of the draw I guess.

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nursing is ALOT ALOT of work, during school and studying...takes up like all your time, so unless ur prepared to have no life...dont' do it

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