View Full Version : 2004 4 door Golf

04-13-2008, 08:02 PM
Well, its 20*C out today and the car is still relatively clean so I decided to take some pictures of it!

This is my 2004 4 door Golf with the 2.0L in it. After selling my turbocharged firefly I wanted something that was dead reliable, got good gas mileage, and would be perfect for cruising around in. So after buying this car, I threw a set of 18's on it with Kumho AST's, a nice borla catback exhaust, AEM intake, and chipped it. I also lowered it with some H&R springs. From my understanding (from a handling perspective) lowering is not the best option with the Golf. While I would like to take the car out to an auto-x or two just to see what it can do, I'd like to wait until it had a bit more power.