View Full Version : For all those who were asking about the Interactive Software. It's out

04-23-2008, 08:24 PM
A while back I said my trainer was part of a team to produce online training software. It has arrived and looks awesome.

I get my free Trial later, but shit I got the man who created it to personally train me, so If he put even half his effort into this, it's going to be an amazing product!


04-29-2008, 09:36 PM
To the people that are looking for direction and think that they will get it from Flex, Muscle Mag, Men's Health, save your money. Use it to get a subscription at Red Point Fitness.

Although there might be some great routines or tips in those magazines, they only give you 1/10 of the overall picture. Or they will just give you the "in/hot" or very advanced routines of the moment to sell more copies. This will not work for a large percentage of everyone here, if they do then great you have great genes.

Here is a demo video of the basic diet interface that you can get

There is a ton more to this site, you can get routines, use the logbook when you select a routine off the site and track tonnage lifted, sets, reps. If you don't like a specific exercise of the routine you can ask for a new one, it will provide you with a few options that will work the same muscles. Provides videos for each exercise as well.

So for those looking for direction on losing weight, get that beach body, trying to gain some weight, this is a great starting point. The mods/admins are some great trainers out there and quick with replies to questions, posting new articles, and new food choices to the menu.

Personally, I will be using this because it will allow me to converge 3-4 sites/logs into a single site.

04-30-2008, 06:36 AM
Post by the trainer that Darkane is talking about

Why YOU should be using RedpointFitness Software
As most of you know I am on the team that has put together RedpointFitness.com software. It has been in the works for 4 years and is now on the market. Most of us come to these lifting forums because you are hungry for information to help you reach your physical and strength related goals. Most people are truly lost in a sea of confusion about what works and what doesnít.

Redpoint Fitness is truly your one stop shopping for the answers to this. And unlike going to a lifting forum and getting some vague and often conflicting answers from board members we provide a step by step approach. Most people fail because of their diet. Redpoint takes your known or estimated Basic metabolic rate, and then allows you to determine what type of diet you want to do. Be it a lean mass diet, a recomp, or a cut diet. Not a lifter? Just someone that wants to drop bodyfatóno problem, we have a diet for you. And more diets will continually be added.

Once you have your diet and basic numbers entered, Redpoint Fitness does something no other diet software does, it allows you to pick YOUR foods for the day or the week. And then gives you the EXACT quantities needed for each meal. While still fitting the diet profile and tapering your carbs so when massing you stay lean, and while cutting the fat is lost at an optimal pace. It tracks everything imaginable so you not only know where you are, but where you have been and your rate of progress. By using the Redpoint foods listed, you will never again wonder if what you are eating is acceptable from a training and diet standpoint. We have a large variety of foods in the database already and more will be continually added. It is truly diet by the numbers using proven formats that WORK!

On the training side we have routines for people at every stage of the game and they are categorized to ensure you are working out on a routine appropriate for YOUR level of development. Donít like the listed lifts, or canít do a lift because of equipment or injury limitations? We at Redpoint understand that, so we further allow you to substitute lifts within the framework with proper substitutes. Just click on the lift you want to do and the default lift is removed and your substitute is replaced. Not sure what a lift actually looks like? We thought of that too and have video of people actually performing the lifts with correct form. We have over 80 lifts on video to ensure you are doing the correct lift using correct form.

Done with your workout? Enter it, and it will not only allow tracking, but show your total tonnage for the day and your last sessions so you can easily track progress irregardless if you went up in weight, reps, or both.

Not sure what to do with something? Redpoint has an online community to answer all your questions with an all-star staff.. And unlike on other forums where you might be getting an answer from some 16 year old that calls himself the ďking of mass and leannessĒ, you will only receive answers from Redpoint Fitness staff members, and we have a top notch staff. We will be featuring articles and information not available anywhere else.

There is also a Myspace / Bodyspace type feature that all users have access to, load your pictures, bio, relevant information add friends and communicate with others dedicated to achieving their goals with their physiques.

There are many other features not discussed here, and one way to find them. Sign up for a Redpoint Fitness account and simplify your diet, training and life for only $17.95. It is like having a team of personal trainers and nutritionistís at your beckon call. Red Point fitness provides the tools, you are the architect. Your life is about to change forever.

Wesley, AKA Iron Addict, NSCA CPT