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05-22-2008, 09:01 AM
Thought I would post this for some of you that might be using different stims and experience a big dip PWO. I haven't tried this stack, but IA knows his shit.

Most of this stuff can be found at http://www.1fast400.com if you are looking for it and can't find it locally.

Pre-workout stims
Many of you use pre-workout stims such as caffeine, ephedra, or many of the many, many other “formulas” out there that give one a quick boost. I USED to use ephedrine/ephedra as it was always good for 10-15 or so extra lbs on the bar. BUT…it made me feel like a used dish-rag about an hour after the workout. So I went a long time without anything. When I learned about ALCAR and ALA I used that as it gave me a tiny bump and was also good for me, but the ALA was/is tough on blood sugar levels. Without going into the full story of everything I tried, I will just lay out the pre-workout combo I use now:

ALCAR 1500-3000 mg 1 hour PRE-WO, this is a neuro-transmitter precursor amongst the other things it does
Idebenone 100-200 mgs 1 hour PRE-WO, used to quench the free radicals of the ALCAR and as a LIGHT mental stim
L-TYROSINE 2-4 grams PRE=WO, this is a neuro-transmitter precursor
Chocomine, 600-1200 mgs 1 hour pre-WO, contains Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, synephrine, the amino
acids phenylethylamine, tyramine and polyphenol, good stuff if you want to lift heavy!

This stack wakes you right up, but more importantly wakes up the neurotransmitters that you need to have going full on to lift heavy, and since it is all stuff that is good for you, and does not raise blood pressure you are at less risk than traditional stims, and there is no beat-up feeling after the dose wears off.

That is my pick!

Iron Addict