View Full Version : WTB: Datsun 510

09-07-2003, 05:45 PM
Late 60's early 70's Datsun 510 wanted. Under $2000. Any condition considered. [email protected]

09-07-2003, 06:33 PM
good luck, i've been looking for one since i was 15 ppl whoget these cars just won't let them go (frommy experience)

09-07-2003, 07:43 PM
70 DATSUN 510 wgn, v rare, v fast, ready to race, way too much to list, serious inquiries only, must sell $4000 obo. Burnaby Tel: 604-415-2445
email ad to a friend...


72 DATSUN 510, 2 dr, 5-spd, red, new exh, lots of new pts $2000 obo. Call for more info. Tel: 778-773-5006

vancouver buysell- take a flight, drive a new car home......

09-07-2003, 08:47 PM
there are quite a few in the northwest. Like from Southern BC all down to portland, or. That is your best chance. I know a fellow in calgary that has about 9 of them in different forms -rally to street to parts car. Anyways, he's not looking to sell the cars. Thats basically what most of the folk around here with them do. Just hold em.

09-07-2003, 09:21 PM
importconcern has one...theres also a few at bucks autoparts...both 5 speeds, im sure you coudl buy the whole car from them

09-08-2003, 12:51 AM

this was probly you asking location for this car im assuming :dunno: :banghead:

09-08-2003, 01:52 AM
LOL under 2k = no floors