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08-22-2008, 02:06 PM
Year : 1999
Make and Model : Chevrolet Metro
Odometer Reading 182XXX Km's
Exterior Color : White
Interior Color : Grey
Description : Three-door hatchback Metro with the 3 cylinder G10 engine which produces a mind-bending 55 horsepower mated to the 5 speed manual transmission. This is my first car and I bought it mostly for fuel economy, but I also bought it because it has this character and flair to it that no other car has. I'm consistently averaging about 6.5 L/100km's which is a bit higher then I would like. I was surprised by the room in the back seats which would be good for a small family, but when you have 3 or 4 people in the car it starts getting difficult to drive. The only thing that sets this Metro out from all the other ones is that is has a blue and orange pinstrip that runs all the way around the car just under the windows and hood.

The car has been in a front end accident which occurred while in the hands of what I believe is the first owner, who didn't take very good care of the car. Because of this, the front bumper is in fact from a Mk4 Metro (the smiley face) and not a MK5 which is what my car actually is. It was then bought by a Mexican dude with a permit to work in Canada who put more money into the car then it was worth, kept it for a year, and eventually the car made it's way into my hands. Because of the accident, a couple of the panels and doors are slightly differently shades of white.

As it turns out, one of the previous owners decided to do a shitty paintjob and that's the reason why the panels are slightly different colours. As a result, a simple wash at a DIY car wash will cause the paint to peel. FML.

I'm immensely proud of my little car, and as a first car I'm very happy with it. My reasoning for buying such a bottom of the barrel car was so that no matter where I go for a next car, it will be better. It really is bare bones; power steering, manual locks, doors, mirrors, seats, windows and antennae. It doesn't even have a clock, a tripometer, or a tachometer.

Plans for the car; since it is by no means a performance car (top speed run turned out 140km/h, and a 0-100km/h time of 29 seconds) I'm going to focus on fixing it up and making it a good daily driver.

Things to do
-Fix the grinding in 2nd and 3rd as the synchros in these cars are notoriously weak.
-Fix rear window defroster.
-Install a tachometer.
-Debadge or replace with a Suzuki badge.
-New pedals or pedal covers
-Replacing the headlights with something that doesn't suck
-Aim headlights properly.
-Remove the tar that is currently stuck onto the drivers side.
-Get rid of the belt squeal.
-Clean/replace heater core
-Fix the exhaust rattle when somebody is sitting in the back
-Detail the interior
-Replace shifter bushings.
-Fill windshield chips/cracks
-Possibly repaint the entire car. PM me if you know a great place to take it.

-Punched out the dent that some douche bag left on my hatch.
-Take off front license plate holder.
-Rebuffed the passenger side headlight housing. (No longer has a catarac!)
-Stopped the horrid buzzing sound from somewhere inside the dashboard.
-Steering wheel cover
-Replaced parking light bulbs
-Stopped the clutch pedal from squeaking every time I push it in.
-Fixed the hood rattle/squeal
-Upgraded the deck to something that doesn't suck.
-Car was inspected at Monza Auto on July 31/09
-Spray painted the rims to cover the rust.
-Syncromesh transmission fluid added on Aug 2/09
-Rear wheel cylinders, left front outer tie rod, wheels aligned, and engine bay washed on Aug 10/09
-Fixed all the problems I'm having with my deck...no constant voltage and limited volume without massive distortion. Job was done at Visions South East in mid August 09.
-Brand new battery on Oct 13/2009.
-Replace the left tail light lens.
-Buy some little pins to hold the interior trunk piece in.

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Thanks for looking!

11-09-2009, 11:39 PM
So after a year and a half of being together, the Metro and I went our separate ways. She went to a family who was looking for a cheap to run and reliable car and I think she'll fit the bill perfectly.

I'll miss the way she was. :(

Goodbye little Lisa.