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09-17-2008, 09:10 AM
All Parts Local in Richmond B.C. Email Calvin for the detail and shipping " [email][email protected] "

Hey everyone,
I have decided to part out my car, Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the car, just decide to change things up a bit, I will have these parts off the car sometime this week so for thoses of you who are interested please send me an email at [email protected]
Pics will be up soon

T1R Turbo Kit With E-Manage Blue Price: $2500 OBO
Condition: Been on my car for about a year now, runs fine have not had any problems with it.

J's Racing JDM Hood Price:$650 OBO
Condition: Mint Had it on my car for less than 2 months.

T1R B52 suspension kit F.12k R.10k Price: $850 OBO
Condition: Had on my car for a bit over a year rids fine and never had a problem with it

J's Racing C-Pillar Bar Price: $80 OBO(C/S)
Condition: Mint

Spoon Sports Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seat With Alex Super Low Rails (Driver Side) Price: $1400 OBO
Condition: Mint Condition
Spoon Sports Recline Seat with Bride Rails (Passneger Side) Price $475 OBO
Condition: Mint

Mugen Shift Boot and Mugen E-Brake Boot Price: $110 OBO
Condition: been on my car for over a year now

T1R Big Brake Kit (Include pads rotors lines) Price: $1700 OBO
Condition: Been on my car for just a bit under a year now never had troubles with it

Volk Racing RE30 (Yellow) With Nitto NT01 (17*7.5 4x100 +43 offset) Price: $2200 OBO
Condition: Good Condition I will post pics of each rim soon

Spoon Sports Rear Spoiler Price: $300 OBO
Condition: Mint

T1R Rear Disc Brake Conversion Price: $700 OBO
Condition: have not had a rpoblem with it has new Endless Pads

K's Guages Boost/Oil Temp/Oil Pres (Blue) With T1R Guage POD Price: $450 OBO
Condition: Good Will post pics soon

Carbing Oil Catch Can Price: $100 OBO
Condition: Mint just a bit dirty

T1R Lower Arm Bar Price: $80 OBO
Condition: Mint just a bit dirty:P

I will post more parts for sale, here is just the main things I will be parting out.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email][email protected] Please contact me directly.


09-18-2008, 10:48 AM
Some Pix are up and few more parts added:thumbsup: