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09-24-2008, 04:40 AM
With Race City Motorsports Parks future being fed to the dogs, the Calgary Motorcycle Roadracing Associations remaining two rounds carried on this weekend, delivering one of the most dramatic finishes in its 12 year history.

The main event of the weekend was the Open Superbike class, where the biggest, baddest and the best bikes and riders grid against each other in a limitless 15 lap race. Here, all eyes were on Mikal Zottman, the reigning 2 time consecutive class champion from 06 and 07 on his Team MajikX 2007 Suzuki GSXR-1000. Mike went into the weekend 9 points behind the leader, Guy Tomlinson Jr. and his 2007 Suzuki GSXR-1000 who's grip on the championship seemed as though it was already in the books.

On Saturday, Mike Zottman edged out the regional lap record (previously 1:17:663 held by Clint McBain) posting an astounding 1:17:477. He went on to take first place gaining some much need points on now second place Guy Tomlinson. A former team mate of Mikes was quoted saying "he did a couple of laps and just checked out on everyone... it looked just like one of Rossis motogp sessions". Third place Holzinger was black-flagged and given a stop-go penalty for a jump start, giving an even more secure lead to now-first place Zottman.

On Sunday, all you needed to do was take a walk through the pits to feel the anxiety and tension as the Open Superbike competitors watched the clouds pass. The morning gave way to a bit of rain that had the crew members frantically swapping off their racing slicks for rain tires.. then in the afternoon, back to slicks. (Tire selection in these circumstances is pretty critical considering a rain tire may only hold its tack on a dry surface for five or six laps, and well, you probably can't run a treadless racing slick on a wet track.) Finally, the decision was made to run the race a few minutes earlier than normal in an effort to avoid the lurking rain clouds.

Once the flag dropped, Pete Holzinger on his 2005 Suzuki GSXR-1000 won the drag race into corner one setting the pace for the first lap. Zottman delivered a clean pass on the front straight and ran away from 2nd place. On the 4th lap, Zottman took a chunk out of his Saturday lap record by posting up a 1:17:239. By the end of the race, Zottman cut through the finish line 3 seconds ahead of Holzinger giving him his 3rd consecutive Open Superbike Championship.

"A lot of the problems I was having with the bike was in the fuel management, had we got off our butts a little bit sooner and resolved this, it would have been a closer battle in the earlier rounds" Mike said. "Pete and Guy are great guys to race with. They push me to go faster."

When asked if he would be racing in Calgary next year Mike said "Unsure at the moment, since we don't know what's going on with Race City, we'll have eggs in other baskets, we've been doing a lot of racing and track days south of the border at a lot of the AMA and US Superbike tracks and seem to have a really good time down there. Lots of good people and lots of good facilities" Mikes team member and long time girlfriend Amy Karthaus and her notoriously pink and white Suzuki GSXR-600 race locally as well as south of the border in MoM-USBA, WERA, and WMRRA. (<- you can google those).

When asked what the keys to his success were this year, Mike replied "I have an excellent team, family and really good sponsors. I would like to thank Leo Vince Exhaust, Pit Bull Stands, Driven Racing, Brake Tech, Acceleration Racing, One Track Mind, Dirty Kustoms, Vortex Racing, Bickle Racing, Fabutan, VP Race Fuels and last but not least Empir3 Stylz. I wouldn't be here today without all of their support."

Other top 5's this weekend:


pos Name Pts Best Lap
1 Mikal Zottmann 119 01:17:239
2 Guy Tomlinson 110 01:18:279
3 Peter Holzinger 104 01:17:750
4 Dave Stokowski 85 01:18:059
5 Mitch Rathje 62 01:19:102


1 Guy Tomlinson 121 01:18:231
2 Mikal Zottmann 108 01:18:488
3 Peter Holzinger 99 01:18:988
4 Dave Stokowski 87 01:19:449
5 Brad Gavey 74 01:19:401


1 Matt Schmidt 128 01:19:979
2 Rob Darlington 97 01:21:491
3 Curt Lindenbach 83 01:21:843
4 Colin Foster 76 01:22:346
5 Chad Pasowisty 50 01:21:309


1 Ryan Taylor 108 01:23:294
2 Bill Gerber 81 01:24:865
3 Rupert Collins 78 01:24:077
4 Robert Porter 66 01:22:976
5 Kelly Gingras 62 01:27:895

For more information about roadracing in Calgary, check out http://www.roadracing.org or http://www.calgaryunderground.com

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