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09-28-2003, 04:15 PM
For employers out there, what is it that you are really looking for in a resume? Should GPA's be included? What about previous work experiences? I've worked with my parents for the past 8 years and have learnt many management/customer service skills including how to setup/run a business. Some may ask how since I'm so young, but basically my parents never spoke english so I had to help them with everything. It was a demanding/stressful learning experience given the age (13) but now that I look back on it, it has greatly broadened my knowledge beyond theories of textbooks.

Some of the people I've talked to have told me that I CAN NOT use a family business to back up my previous work experiences. Is this true? Is it because employers are thinking that I could be fabricating my actual skills and knowledge?

What about cover letters, are employers impressed by these? Do they even bother reading it?

Basically, I want to branch off and start my own career and leave the family business. It's time for a change and the time is getting near.

09-28-2003, 04:42 PM
About your family business just don't mention its your family buisness, just say you started working there since you were 13 just for experiance or something, you dont have to mention that its your family business.

Yo...the cover letters I have no idea. I'm in Gr.12 and I'm applying for WestJet and this is the first time I ever heard of a cover letter. I say write one anyways you would probably have a better chance with a cover letter than without.

GOOD LUCK :thumbsup:

09-29-2003, 09:44 AM
When I hire anyone, I look for some key items in the resume.
Educational history - GPA is important for the 1st job
Work Experience - what has the candidate done in the past
Transferable skills - if looking at a different job than previously done.

I read all the cover letters that I get, as they sometimes give me additional insight into the person that a plain resume does not.

Use the family business as part of your work history but don't broadcast it in your resume. Do be honest about it in an interview tho. Some employers worry that family businesses don't give proper experience or falsify the difficulty of the role. However, any experience is better than no experiences in my mind.

Do some volunteer work if you have the time, broaden your skills and exp and get some non-family references to back you up in your job search.

Good luck!!!

D'z Nutz
09-29-2003, 07:42 PM

Go to the U of C's resume/cover letter workshop. They don't check attendence or anything, so you could just show up as if you were a student (it's free anyways). They tell you a lot of stuff that probably never occurred to you or atleast it may clear up some things you're confused about. Plus they'll take like 20 minutes to go around the room and comment on everyone's resume (not in front of the whole class of course).

Something to consider and it's definitely worth the 2 hours.

09-29-2003, 08:01 PM
Thanks for the advice guys. The only resume/cover letter I've ever written was for class and those were easy because it ain't the real thing!!