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09-30-2003, 11:59 PM
Hello there, I am trying to help my father sell his 97 Jetta TDI 5 spd. The car is in AMAZING condition with a brand new paint job and tons of modifications.

Styling Modifications:

- New 1996 Audi Burgudy Red Paint Job. (done in March 2003)
- Front Chin Spoiler. (March 2003)
- Euro Grill Wo/ the VW signa. (Also March 2003)
- 16'' TRS Limited Rims With 205/45ZR16 87W Nexen Rubber (June 2003)
- Antena Converted to the roof of the car (March 2003)
- Euro Side mirrors with signal (March 2003)
- Euro Clear Tail Lights (June 2003)
- Lowered 1/2'' on a Full FK Pro-Kit ( June 2003)
- New FK Struts (June 2003)
- Clarion Deck, Red L.E.D. to match Interior (June 2003)
- Limo Tint on Rear Windows and Back, 35% on The Fronts (June 2003)
- Rear Euro Spoiler With Large L.E.D. (March 2003)
- Cross Drilled Rotors ( July 2003)
- Rear Breaks Converted to Disk (July 2003)
- Hydrolic Hood Relaese (March 2003)
- New "TDI, Jetta,Turbo And Sport Logos"(March 2003)
- Ultra Blue Head Lights(March 2003)

Engine And Preformance:

- Full 2'' Exhaust With Reactive Muffler (March 2002)
- BMG High Flow Air Filter(July 2002)
- Wettauer Turbo Chip (July 2002)
- Wettauer Flue Chip (July 2002)
- '205 Fuel Injectors (July 2002)
- Vag-Com Computer Program (July 2002)
- The Brakes/Struts/Rotors/and Kit can be also used for preformance.

My Father is the second owner of this car. Its was purchased in Sask. in 2001, since then it has taken a darmatic change and gone from stock to what you see now today. The car is in AMAZING condition, this was a 50 year old mans car and was babied like you would not believe. There is no outstanding lean or anything owning on this car. There is also parts which have not yet been installed, upper and lower front strut bars and single rear strut bar, Euro Glass Lights for the Front Bumper, Euro Head light switch, Also ALL stock parts included. the car has just over 200,000 km's which 95% are HighWay miles, driving from Airdrie to South Calgary. This car was also a mode of trasportation to baseball for 2 years which we average 50,000 km's a year.

Overall the car is clean, very well looked after, and has almost all new parts. Whoever picks this car up will not be disappointed. My father is looking at $18,000Obo

If you are interested please post here or pm me, You can even call the house 912-6232 and ask for Byron. Thanks for your time, lets help my dad sell this so he can get his Supra

This Car has been Proclaimed the Nicest Car In Airdrie!!!! You really have to see it........To know what I mean

09-30-2003, 11:59 PM

10-01-2003, 12:10 AM
Agian Asking Price is 18,000 Obo

10-13-2003, 07:19 PM
Anyone 18 Obo??