View Full Version : FS: R/C truck! Traxxas 2.5 T-MAXX w many hop-ups

10-01-2003, 08:58 AM
Hey guys, I've got a new style 2.5 T-Maxx up for sale:

2003 T-MAXX 2.5 with remote
3 air filters
Stock tires with rims
RPM wide offset rims with pinspike tires (fresh tires, brand new rims)
RPM wide offset rims with Street tires
Aluminum Bulkheads
Aluminum skid plates
Aluminum big bore shocks
Stock shocks
Forward only kit (I have the stock reverse parts still)
Complete bearings including steering posts
RPM a-arm set (never break!)
RPM rear body post
Stainless hinge pins
Stock a-arm set
Modified diffs with big screws (stock screws break easily)
Hitech metal gear steering servo
homemade 5 AA cell battery pack
7.2V battery
Quick charger for battery
many many many spare parts (stock arms and bulkheads ect)

I'm forgetting some things.. I'll update as I remember them

Runs fine, I just haven't used it all summer. I've been very religious about the after run oil and air filter cleanings, as well as regular tear downs and rebuilds. I have several air filters and change them often.
I'll take some pics when I can. The truck needs only a new body ($25 + paint) to make it mint! I figured if I was selling the truck I might as well let you decide what body you want.

I have recipts for a few thousand dollars, I'll let the WHOLE THING go for $750. Pics coming up later.