View Full Version : No wireless internet on devices?

01-02-2009, 03:22 PM
Searched already but didn't turn up anything.

Got a wireless G router, WRT52G, connected to one desktop. Desktop gets internet but any other devices connecting via wireless do not. Signal strength is perfect but no internet to them. Full 128 bit WEP encryption is applied to the network also.

Connected before with no problems but the router sat unused for 5 months.

2 wireless devices: Wii, IPOD touch
Desktop is running XP SP3.


01-02-2009, 03:39 PM
Some more information about your network would be useful. Such as what IP address the desktop is getting, and what IP address the wireless devices are getting.

Just a few things I would look at first:
Do you have MAC filtering turned on? If so, add the MAC address for the Wii and Ipod to your list of allowed clients.
Try pinging the Wii/Ipod from the desktop computer, to see if there is connectivity on the LAN side. Does the Wii work when you connect it by cable?
Usually the easiest way to troubleshoot connectivity issues is to restore the router to default settings, with no WEP/WPA protection and see if it works that way. Then change settings one at a time, until it's secured the way you want it and still working.
Some older routers had WEP/WPA issues and need a firmware update to be compatible with newer implementations of these protocols.