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01-02-2009, 10:53 PM
Hey Guys,

So i bought a DIR-655 and am very happy with it just a couple of problems i noticed and i need your help first let me tell you my setup.

Desktop Computer (DWA160 Wireless N)
Apple Mackbook (Wireless N)
IBM Lenova Laptop (Wireless G)
Ps3 (Wired to Router)
Xbox 360 (Wireless Adapter)

I Also go WISH setup like this

Xbox (Voice High) Protocol: Any Host Port Range Any
Macbook (Video High) Protocol: Any Host Port Range: Any
Desktop (Video High) Protocol: Any Host Port Range: Any

I use my Mac mainley for streaming so far workes flawless over wireless even if laptop is upstairs

My problem is with the desktop it seems like it is slow when downloading for USENET i use GIGANEWS some days ill get 1.15 mb/s and some 56K

No other devices will be using the network so it is all the desktop using the bandwidth and it is slow

I updated the drivers on the DWA-160 to the latest ones and the router firmware to latest one

Why is it so slow for a wireless N adapter my Macbook is so fast 130mbps over N but this usb card is no where near the speed of my mac

So I was thinking...

Moving router from downstairs main room to upstairs near desktop so i can have a wired connection from Router to Desktop and make my ps3 wireless

By making the ps3 wireless will it effect the performance of videostreaming from my mac if i had wish still enabled for mac and ps3 if so i could always plus my laptop to a spare ethernet cord in the router and stream

or should i leave ps3 wired and find some way to get my desktop downloading large files properly

Also can someone please explain to me the difference between QOS and WISH


01-03-2009, 01:15 AM
Wireless is really unreliable. If your goal is low-latency high throughput on each client, then a wired solution is your best bet.

I would guess the intermittent throughput issues are interference related. Although it's impossible to tell without more test data and probably some site survey tools. Things like microwaves and cordless phones really destroy signal quality.

In my opinion, having a more consistent connection is important for devices that stream real-time content (Eg. PS3). For large downloads it's less important, so I would keep things as they are now. If you cannot find a way to get a wire up to your desktop computer you might consider ethernet over power line type products (http://www.homeplug.org/home).

As far as I can tell QoS and WISH do fundamentally the same thing. In the context of D-Link devices, I believe WISH performs QoS on both the LAN and WAN interfaces. This is significant for home networks where you stream media wirelessly. Without WISH, a file transfer over the wireless network could prevent real-time playback of video. Most Cable/DSL routers (without custom firmware) only perform QoS over the WAN interface.