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10-01-2003, 07:31 PM
I got this off another site, so if anyone knows how to use it, please share. :)

Direct Connect - Download (http://www.neo-modus.com)

Connect to "oldominion.kicks-ass.net"


:: Main Rules:

• Minimum 1 Slots+ and ATLEAST 1GB+ of *DJ SETS* please!
• Max 3 Hubs!
• Do NOT Share ANY Pornography Please.
• Do NOT Share Installed Or Incomplete Files.
• Do NOT Advertise For Other Hubs In Main-Chat, PM, OR in your
Description/Nick/Email fields! You will be banned without
• Do NOT use these clients:
mldonkey, DC++!blue, DC++k, DCTC.
• Only use these clients WITHOUT the Tag Hiding +
Lock&PK modification enabled:
BCDC++, DC-Gui.
• Please speak only English in the MainChat. ThankYou.
• Please follow the slot rules below!
• Do NOT hide your DC++ Tag!
• Do NOT Fake Your Share Limit Or Share VOB Files.
• Do NOT Flood Or Use Bad Language In The Main-Chat Window.
• Make Certain That It΄s Possible For Others To
Download Your DC List When There Is A Free Slot.
• Use search. Don΄t Ask In Chat... Unless You Can΄t Find It.
• Stay In The Hub While You Are Downloading!
• Report to Ops if someone is advertising or just messes with You.
• 3 violations of these rules will get you Banned!!!

:: Slot Rules:

• Here are the rules we have in this hub regarding upload slots. For example,
if you have 1 Mbit+ upload you should have 5-10 slots open and if
you have less than 128Kbit upload you should have 1 slot open, not more.
These rules are so that the users won't get a download rate below
about 5-10 kb/s (except from slow dial-up of course). If everyone is to
follow these simple rules, this hub will be a much better place!
If you are in the 10-100+ Mbit category, you can decided the number of
slots, as long as you have a min of 15. Please choose a sensible number!

Speed Slots [Min/Max]
28.8 Kbit -> 128 Kbit = 1/1
128 Kbit -> 512 Kbit = 1/3
512 Kbit -> 1 Mbit = 3/6
1 Mbit -> 10 Mbit = 6/15
10 Mbit -> 100 Mbit+ = 15/??

10-01-2003, 07:40 PM

10-01-2003, 08:51 PM
it's a file sharing program, those are just the list of rules that must be obeyed if you are to stay in that "hub" as they call it. It's good for movies, games etc. but for music i would try someplace else unless it's something very rare.

slots means the number of connections available for people to connect to you; its usually at 3. share size number of gigs you're sharing, the more the merrier since it'll allow you to get into more higher end hubs.

hmm that should be bout it to get you started.