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10-01-2003, 10:03 PM
man who here feels sorry for dave
i sorta did, he did at first put alot of effort into the "charla dave" team to get screwed over at the end.

and i think most of the orginals are f%$King sore losers with nothing better to do they critize and think they're better than everyone else...

oh yeah, i hate :guns: zack he just stubborn, and :guns: amy well shes just dumb

10-01-2003, 10:10 PM

Dave made it so far, he is very smart, I gotta say though I liked keith and Tara the most, keith is cool, tera is one of the sexiest women alive, not often I find a white woman attractive, I guess she's more olive though.

10-01-2003, 11:06 PM
I kinda felt sorry for Dave, but then i remembered how he was trying to fuck keith and tara over near the end.
Tara is damn sexy!

10-01-2003, 11:20 PM
hahaha $250,000 all to herself :clap:

and who's comming to VEGAS !!!!! :)

10-01-2003, 11:49 PM
Haha, we were watching Smallville and some one flipped it right to Paradise Hotel and it had a shot of Tara.

Tara and Lana... now that'd be a great addition to the spank bank. And I'm sure every guy in the room was thinking it too ;)

10-02-2003, 12:53 AM
man tara is fucking ugly.
i'd take holly over her ANYDAY of the week.
but lana..over anyone else haha.

Dave P
10-02-2003, 01:27 AM
Tara and Charla are going to be in maxim together.

10-02-2003, 07:06 AM
:D :thumbsup:

10-02-2003, 07:21 AM
All those twists at the end were just gay!

10-02-2003, 08:54 AM
Haha.......Keith won in the end anyways!!!!??? Zack was the biggest lozer of all......cocky mother fukker!!!

Yea I thouhgt that Holly:love: was hotter than Tara too.....

I swear that Toni is a MAN!!!:hitit:

10-02-2003, 09:32 AM
i didn't feel sorry for dave, but i thought that last twist was stupid, they shoulda just let keith and charla have the money and leave it at that.

10-02-2003, 09:57 AM
what was the last twist??

10-02-2003, 10:44 AM
I didn't think Tara was all that bad looking. I kinda like her actually. Charla ain't all that good looking, but damn, she'd make and awesome school-girl in Maxim :poosie: :poosie:

10-02-2003, 10:56 AM
Did charla share the money with Dave ?
Did Keith share the money with Tara ?

10-02-2003, 11:00 AM
Originally posted by TeamCrewcial
Did charla share the money with Dave ?
Did Keith share the money with Tara ?

charla kept all the money to herself.. dave was mad.. well proabably...
keith shared half with tara..

keith and tara are taking everyone to VEGAS

10-02-2003, 03:07 PM
Charla should have split the money with Dave without him she would have been gone a long time ago. Dave would have split it with her but i guess money brought out her true self.:guns:

10-02-2003, 03:34 PM
No I dont believe that for one second, Dave had no where else to go. Without Charla, Dave would have been gone from the game also. Nobody liked Dave from the very beginning, not even Charla. In fact, I don't think Charla has EVER liked Dave, but she rode his coat tail to the end. Good for her!

10-02-2003, 04:23 PM
i missed the last eposode can anyone say wat all happend in the final eposode

10-02-2003, 05:10 PM

Have the guests in Paradise determined their own fate? Or have they just been part of some grand deus ex machina? (Look it up.) We’ll soon find out in the finale you’ve been waiting for all summer long…

Remember the first week when Charla was the outsider in the single? When Zack turned down Amy? When Dave drunkenly pointed out his own man-boobs? Those days are long gone. It’s the final week in Paradise, and there are only three couples left. One of them is about to get the boot. Keith’s mad that Dave put him in a position of mistrust, but he also promised to stand by his Barbie buddies. Keith decides to send Scott and Holly home. “I gotta go with my word from Day One,” he mutters solemnly. Holly comments that Dave has been lying to her the entire time, even though she thought he was trustworthy. Scott, who has been there from the first day, had some faith he would advance when Dave blatantly lied to Keith. But Scott thinks that Keith didn’t have the “stones” to call him out on it. The pair hugs the other couples and leave.

The Barbies congratulate each other sullenly. Keith is angry with Dave because he put him in a bad situation. Charla tells Tara that she can’t believe that Dave said he would protect Holly. The girls feel betrayed. Dave attempts to apologize for his actions to Keith, saying he would (of course) have chosen him over Scott. Keith doesn’t want to talk about it, though. Back in the room, Charla yells at Dave. She is furious. She would never turn on Keith and Holly like he did, and she would never have lied to them. Dave tries to explain. He can’t understand her anger. Charla doesn’t want to be associated with someone who would betray Keith and Tara.

The next morning, Keith and Tara rejoice in their room for making it to the end. Dave is depressed. Keith calls and asks that Dave and Charla pick them up on their way downstairs. Charla asks if the boys have put aside their differences. “It would be easier to compete against somebody I’m angry at,” Dave moans. Charla would rather be eliminated than be mean to one of her friends. They go to Keith and Tara’s room. Everyone but Dave is giddy. Then they separate to their same-sex breakfasts. Charla is nervous because she thinks they will have to do something that jeopardizes their friendship to win. Tara isn’t so sure.

Tara and Keith discuss that their Barbie-buddy Charla is nervous about competing. Dave had convinced her that they would be ruthlessly pitted against each other. “I am 100% against Dave right now,” Keith declares about the turn of events. Each couple is gifted an album with photos. They are instructed to assemble a scrapbook commemorating their experience at the hotel. The photographs wash up a flood of memories for all four: the kissing game, toga night, mud wrestling, Charla throwing up on her expedition with Andon, Dave giving Toni a birthday lap dance, the King and Queen fashion show, the formation of the Barbie alliance, Toni yelling “Yahtzee” to Dave. Charla reminisces about the very first day in Paradise, and she notes with some sadness that she’s the only one still left from that group. Tara loved it when Zack tried to embarrass Keith during his studio selection, and Keith ultimately proved that he had the better set of abs. Charla sees that there’s no picture of her kissing Zack. Dave doesn’t recall this episode, and Charla responds quickly that it was during the kissing contest. Yet she knows (and we all know) that she was really trying to seduce Zack in her bedroom so long ago. “Nobody has ever made me happier in Paradise than Tara,” Charla says fondly of her BFF. Sensing Dave’s unhappiness with that comment, she adds, “Sorry.” Keith and Tara cut Amy out from one of their photos. “Good times,” Dave sighs wistfully.

The Barbies don their best black-tie attire and adjourn to the Harem Room for dinner. They toast each other over champagne. “I’m so glad you guys came into my life here in Paradise. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” Charla says, tearing up. Host Amanda enters and they all know that this signifies trouble. She congratulates them, but adds that “all good things must come to an end.” Host Amanda orders them to pack their bags because this will be their last night in Paradise. Suddenly, Beau and Toni appear behind the host. “We’re baaack,” Toni says menacingly, adding that they are now returning to the game. The Barbies squirm in their seats. “Nah, we’re just kidding,” Toni laughs. However, the Originals have all come back to determine the winners. The final foursome must convince the Originals to choose them. “Game on!” Toni yells for old times’ sake as she and Beau leave. Charla, Dave, Keith and Tara are stunned silent.

Charla remains calm, because she doesn’t really care who wins. She’s proud that her Barbie clan beat out everyone else. The boys are more anxious. Keith and Tara go back to their room. Dave knows he has to justify the manipulative way he has played. Tara tries to write out their plans as Keith massages and nibbles her neck. Charla doesn’t want to persuade the returning guests to vote for her, but Dave writes a chart of who he thinks everyone will pick. Charla is annoyed when Dave refuses to show her the paper. All four are equally worried about what Holly and Scott will vote. Dave plots out how he can make himself cry if he needs to garner some sympathy. Keith really wants to win, and Tara agrees to work with him. They seal the deal with a make-out session by the pool.

The next morning, the Barbie Four wake up to their last day in Paradise. Charla tells Dave that she is so glad that she met him, but she is a bit scared about the competition. She thinks that she and Dave have only a 10% chance of winning. Yet Keith and Tara are convinced that they will be the losers. Tara wonders if Charla and Dave will get the votes because they’ve been there from the beginning. Dave, meanwhile, thinks he and Charla might be penalized because they’ve been there longest. As Charla gets ready, Dave nervously preps his speech. Keith is resolved to just get through the day, no matter what happens.

The former hotel couples pile into the hotel. Smokey hangs on Tom’s waist. Amy and Zack enter last to a round of applause. They all sit in chairs lined up in the Grand Salon. Keith comes in with Tara and greets them. The Originals are cold to him. Dave and Charla walk in silently. “Summer is over,” Host Amanda proclaims, pointing out that the Barbie alliance has eliminated everyone else. Unfortunately, those eliminated people now have the power. Their badgering and belittling begins.

Andon asks Dave whether all the knives he brought to stab people’s backs was worth his winning. Definitely not, Dave says. Matt says that Dave claimed to be honest and mature, and yet he talked maliciously about each one of them. Matt feels that Dave embarrassed the people back home with his actions. Dave hopes he hasn’t done that. Everyone starts to chime in about how Dave has lied and even admitted to lying. Then Toni turns her ‘roidal rage on Tara. Supposedly, Tara told Andon that she would screw Charla over to win. Tara answers that she and Charla have an understanding, and that she would never hurt her friend. Zack states the obvious in that Charla tried to hook up with Keith. Keith counters back that they both were guilty of flirting, but that their trust factor remained intact. Desiree makes fun of Charla’s lack of social skills, annoyed that she never participated and acted like prima donna. “I like to be alone,” Charla says in her own defense. She claims to be nervous in front of everyone. Charla had thought that staying by herself would be the only way she could advance in the game. Charla admits to her constant wanting to go home, and she still misses her family. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to actually leave until she was voted out. She wouldn’t quit.

Scott vents his anger on Keith about his vote off. Although they had always been friends, Scott had thought that he and Holly had a chance when Dave blatantly backstabbed Keith. “You got rid of someone honest and true to you in favor of Dave,” Scott says. Keith says that he kept his word. He told Dave he would never kick him out. Then Alex jumps in on that theme. Keith lied to everyone, so why did he never lie to Dave? They all question Keith’s voting out Zack. Keith says that Kristin’s harping after their excursion convinced him. Holly asks why Dave told her she was his #2. Amy comments that Dave told her she was his #2 too. What did he think he would have to gain? “Well, I’m standing here,” Dave says. The Originals are floored by his answer. “You teamed up with the wrong person,” Matt yells to Charla.

Charla nervously makes her statement to the panel. She doesn’t have anything to say because everything is already done. She hopes to continue to be Dave’s friend. She accepts what some people might have said about her, and regrets whatever she has said about anyone else. But Charla refuses to hold any grudges. Everyone applauds warmly.

Dave is up next. “Obviously, I’ve rubbed people the wrong way,” he begins. Toni’s eyes bulge out. Dave admits to lying in the past. Amy shakes her head incredulously when Dave says that he doesn’t know if he has endeared himself to anyone at all. Toni rolls her eyes as Dave finishes. The others politely clap. “Thank you for talking behind our backs,” Amy snarls.

Tara reads the first part of her and Keith’s prepared speech. Zack mimes a violin when Tara says that she has never caused conflict with people outside of Paradise. Alex looks disgusted. Then Keith finishes the statement. He mentions the emotional rollercoasters they all went through in the hotel. Keith chokes up, and Amanda and Charla begin to cry. “I have a lot of growing up to do, and you guys made me realize that,” he says. “Amy especially.” Desiree now wells with tears. Keith hopes that he can change for the better.

Host Amanda releases everyone. Dave and Charla retreat to their room. He jokes about her not caring to win as much as he does. He hopes Charla won’t hold it against him if they lost. Dave doesn’t understand why the others have such hatred for him. Alex, Beau and Zack primp in the bathroom. None of them want to vote for the existing couples. They all hate Tara, but they’d rather have Keith beat out Dave. No one can decide what to do about the couple situation. The former guests assemble in the Harem Room to dissect the game. Scott calls Dave a rat. Toni hopes that Dave has a nervous breakdown when he leaves. Scott is sickened by him.

Ensconced in their room, Charla tells Dave that she has learned so much about him in the last few days. She finally admits to lying to him many weeks ago. She didn’t vote for him to join Paradise in his guest selection. She was the only girl who wanted Tom. Dave doesn’t understand why Scott is so mad at him after he saved his ass so many times, regardless of the lying involved. In the other bedroom, Keith reminds Tara about Toni saying she slept her way to the top of the hotel. “So, **** her,” he says. Tara is annoyed that the others feel that way about her. Keith vows to stand by Tara’s side, no matter what. They embrace. “I will stick with you and I will hold your hand,” he says. Tara is upset because she hates the angry finger pointing in her direction. “It’ll be all right, I promise,” Keith assures her as they cuddle on the bed.

Everyone re-gathers in the Grand Salon with the remaining four taking their seats. The former guests offer some final comments. “This sucks,” Toni blurts out. “It should be one of us up there.” Alex asks Charla if she would choose any other guy to be up there with her. She says no. Somehow, in another galaxy far, far away, this affects Alex’s decision. Desiree starts to cry. She is so happy to have met everyone there, but she just wants to drop all the animosity. Host Amanda repeats what she’s been saying on every show -- the biggest surprise of all is how their summer will end. She then makes the final four change partners. They will now play against each other. The Barbies look confused, but Keith and Dave switch girls. The former guests must decide the winners based upon these new partner pair-ups.

Everyone gets up one by one to enter a vote in the ballot box. Earlier scenarios from the Barbies screwing everyone over are flashbacked. Zack pounds the ballot box like a gavel after he places his vote in. (Is he a judge or a lawyer?) The votes are tallied, and Host Amanda announces the names of the two winners. It’s Keith and Charla! They are ecstatic and can’t speak. The Originals applaud happily. Amy frowns. Keith and Charla have each won a quarter of a million dollars. Keith is stunned when he hears the amount. Then Host Amanda gives each an envelope with that amount. But there is one more twist. The others gasp. She has them revert back to their original partners, and Keith and Dave swap girls once again. There are two checks in each envelope. Charla and Keith open them up. One check is made out to Charla and Keith for $125,000 and the other in the same amount is blank. Host Amanda explains that Keith and Charla will need to decide whether to give their partner the other half of the money or keep the entire $250,000 for themselves.

Keith and Charla go back to their bedrooms. He stares at his check in shock. Charla doesn’t know what it means to have that much money. It’s a lot of money to part with, but she does want to give it to Dave. Back in the Grand Salon, Toni and Amanda argue. Toni thinks the winning two should keep the money, but Amanda knows that they trust their friends enough to want to share. Toni and Melanie go to Charla’s room to spin their evil webs. Toni offers her honest opinion: Charla has a life in Minnesota, and this money will help her build that life. It won’t make her a bad person if she keeps it. (Toni also slips in a “baby,” but not a “baby girl.”) “Dave does not deserve it,” Toni reinforces. “You don’t owe him anything. Period.”

Then Alex goes to Keith’s room to stir up the bile. He picks up the check and looks at it longingly. (If only he hadn’t aligned with the Kissing Bandit Kristin!) Alex tells Keith that everyone else doesn’t think he should give up the money. Alex wishes that Keith could have seen all the episodes before he made his decision. “You earned that money,” Alex adds as he leaves. Next comes flashbacks of all the Charla and Dave ups and downs, followed by all the Keith/Tara situations. Keith considers his mother and brothers who could use the money. “Handing it over is going to be so hard,” Charla muses.

Keith comes to Tara at the upper pool. He calls her unbelievable, gorgeous and intelligent. “I could never, ever, ever have won this without you,” he says heartfelt. He takes out her framed family photo that he always looks at in their room. Keith wants her to imagine what she could do for her mother with the money. He says that it never crossed his mind not to give her the other half. Tara refuses, but Keith takes a pen and writes her name on the second check. “I don’t need to have $250,000 when I know you helped me,” he tells her. Tara sits on his lap and thanks him. “Don’t you love Paradise Hotel?” she laughs.

Meanwhile, Charla meets up with Dave at the Camel Terrace. “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to decide or think about,” she says. Her mind has been flip-flopping all night. “What if I tried to give you the money?” she asks. Dave doesn’t want to take it if it is out of obligation or pity. She questions what he thinks about her keeping all the money, and Dave says he has respect for whatever decision she makes. Charla wants to know how their friendship would be affected by that. Dave doesn’t say anything, but Charla notices him pursing his lips the way he usually does when he’s mad. “Our friendship is so important to me,” she says. At first she was going to give him the money, but then changed her mind. “I just kept thinking to myself that I worked so hard for this,” she says. The money could really help her build her career. Charla asks him to remain her friend. “There are other things I would flip out about more,” Dave answers. His feelings aren’t hurt by money. He knows how she truly feels about him. “I am really glad for you,” Dave says as he pennilessly hugs her.

The foursome joins everyone downstairs in the Grand Salon. Charla announces that she kept all of the winnings. Everyone cheers, much to Dave’s disappointment. Keith tells them that he split the money with Tara, but that he and his Barbie Girl are offering to take everyone to Las Vegas with their prize. This causes even more cheers from the drunken crowd. Fireworks explode in the sky over Paradise Hotel. Balloons drop from the ceiling.
They toast with champagne and hug one another.

Host Amanda tells the audience that there is one more surprise: “There’s something you need to know about next season…” she says with a smirk. The screen goes black.

source: paradiseonfox.com

10-03-2003, 02:52 AM
i think holly's cute very sexy, but her boobs are TOO big lol

10-03-2003, 04:11 AM
Originally posted by gkAeris
i think holly's cute very sexy, but her boobs are TOO big lol

haha i dont think the guys have a problem with that....well ANyways.

10-03-2003, 12:42 PM
this was definately a great episode, I was hoping Keith and Tara would win it all, because well Tara's so hot, and Dave's just an idiot. he kept backstabbing people, and they kept calling him on it.

oh yah, and holly was hotter than them all! with tara coming 2nd hottest.

10-03-2003, 12:45 PM
Yeah but dave was the one with the stratagy that got them to the end, what did charla do?? Nobody really liked Charla either. I wish all the money just went to keith and tara.

10-03-2003, 12:59 PM
yeah everything dave did was for "him and charla" to advance as a team he did put alot of effort it just backfired...

he makes a good politican

Gondi Stylez
10-07-2003, 12:22 AM
Originally posted by Dave P
Tara and Charla are going to be in maxim together.

whens this comin out?!?!?!

10-21-2003, 09:41 AM
whoa did that dude write a college entrance essay on this stuff??

10-21-2003, 09:42 AM
dont mess with zack he has lawyer in him, and will get 50 guys to go wherever you live with no money 2 finance the movement

10-21-2003, 10:25 AM
they are all losers! They were in west ed a few weeks ago promoting the show. It was sooooo funny. almost all of phase 4 was packed with semi-celeb watchers. hahahah

10-22-2003, 10:29 AM
yah i seen that on ch10, tara,keith and dave, no charla, busy doing her hair and nails

10-31-2003, 08:57 PM
yah Holly's my choice, I'd giver a go

11-07-2003, 05:50 PM
Originally posted by gkAeris
i think holly's cute very sexy, but her boobs are TOO big lol

OMG... only a girl can make a comment like that!!! :poosie: