View Full Version : Can someone swap a dseries motor for me for cheap?

01-14-2009, 05:07 PM
My winter car's motor dropped a valve last night on my way home, and has left me stranded.

I can get a pretty good price on a motor from JDMsource, but just wondering if someone can help me out on swapping the motor in for pretty cheap. The car is a 91 civic SE 5spd.

I could probably do it myself, but don't really have the time with work and all.

I can pay in cash, or in stereo equipment lol. Also, need this done before the end of next week, as I only have a ride to borrow until then.
Please PM if you can help./


01-14-2009, 05:13 PM
pm me man I am sure we can work something out for a swap

01-15-2009, 09:05 AM