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03-01-2009, 05:16 PM
I'm selling my wife's old laptop. She's used it as a desktop since she got it. Usual wear and tear. but still looks good cosmetically.

The good:
1. AMD Mobile Athlon XP 2800+ processor
2. 448 MB PC2100 RAM
3. 40 GB HD
5. AC charger
6. 15" XGA screen
7. Broadcom BCM94306MP Wireless
8. 2 on-board USB ports
9. S-Video out
10. Windows XP Home, MS Office
11. ATI Radeon IGP 320M video card

The bad:
1. CD-ROM does not work. Reason is that the CD-ROM does not sit fully into its bay (if it does, the laptop will not boot). Found that she really didn't miss the CD-ROM since she ran any CD's off the network or just plugged in an external DVD-ROM..
2. Some of the keys have the letters worn off (specifically A, S, D, E, C, M, N, and K). Not much of a problem unless you like to hunt and peck while typing.
3. Battery life unknown since it was used only as a desktop.

Other than thee above issues, the laptop ran well for my wife. It was fast enough for her purposes which was for internet, wordpro and storing her recipes. Reason for selling: bought her a new laptop and don't need to have so many computers in the house.

Price: $90 obo

Contact info: PM if interested.

03-02-2009, 12:19 AM
All PM's replied.

03-09-2009, 10:58 AM
$90 ?


03-10-2009, 11:31 PM
is this still for sale?

03-11-2009, 09:25 AM
Yes, still awaiting response from the first person in line.

03-11-2009, 10:35 AM
Just let me know if you don't hear from them. =)