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10-13-2003, 08:03 PM
Im selling a 1990 240sx/hatch, green/silver(i belive its called sea foam green) 198XXX/km, alarm, keyless entry, sont explosion deck, front and rear speakers, pretty new tires(1 1/2 years old), new exhust system, New front and rear brake pads and discs(only used for 2 months/life time warrenty pads from mitus), Interior is in perfect condition. Great car!!!

Damage- very slight damage to the car but I will post what it is and i will aslo post some pictures because it is pretyt much nothing. The windsheild is cracked, not in vision though so police havnt said any thign about it, drivers side rear end(slight dent, but not to bad)... other then the cracked window and the dent the car is in excellent shape.

*NO rust either...only been in Alberta for one year, before that it was on vancover island its whole life. im the 3rd owner of the car. first owner was an old lady who drove it to the grocery store pretty much, second owner was a mechanic(took great care of the car) then me, Ive excellent care of my car, its freakrently had its oil changed, been mantianced well and runs great.

Im asking $6800 obo, and I will post some pictures of it hopfully tomorrow. Its a stock 240, so you should know what it looks like. But i will post the dent and window for sure. you can reach me at [email protected] or pm me. thanks


10-13-2003, 08:10 PM
^^ BuMp ^^ for a tight ride!!! its a sexy and very good start for a project car!!! who ever buys will have a SHIT load of fun with it....


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