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D'z Nutz
03-21-2009, 12:38 AM
Okay, so after like a decade and a half of not owning a bike, I picked one up last weekend. Now I need to get a helmet. I'm looking around and there's so many to choose from. Bow Cycle had adult helmets from about $75 up to $200+. MEC on the other hand has helmets from $25 to $85.

What's is it about a $25 helmet that sets it apart from a $200 helmet?

I don't plan on doing 6 foot drops or launching off mountains or anything like that. Would something like these suffice?

Helmet 1 (http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442623911&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302693161&bmUID=1237616704346)
Helmet 2 (http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442623908&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302693161&bmUID=1237616704345)
Helmet 3 (http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442623789&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302693161&bmUID=1237616704347)

03-21-2009, 03:27 PM
A more expensive helmet will likely fit better, have significant weight savings, and provide better protection and/or allow more airflow (breathability). IIRC some helmets are multi-impact as well (probably just fullface).

When I was hardcore into MTB I was only in the market for fullface helmets, and the difference between a $300 helmet and a $50 one was night and day.


As you probably know, Bow Cycle offeres the best customer service out of any bike shop in town, but unfortunately doesn't have the most competitive pricing. Try checking other places like Calgary Cycle, D-Lite cycle (don't know if they're still around), and that one downtown... forget the name... mountain bike city or something.

03-27-2009, 01:18 PM
All of those helmets would EASILY suffice if you are just a casual cross-country rider. At that point, fit is more important than anything and I would try them all on.

This weekend bow cycle is having a big sale, and some helmets will be 50% off so you may want to check that out too.

As for service, I found bow cycle to be nothing special and much prefer Pedeal Head in the south.

03-27-2009, 01:35 PM
Hey D - check out Calgary Cycle as well (ask for the owner - Derek). They're my one stop shop for anything MTB related. Purchased my last two bikes from there. Bow Cycle would be my other alternative as well.

As for bike helmets - I have a huge head so most helmets make me look like a giant mushroom head. Fox Racing has a couple of helmets, I ended up with The Flux model. It's a very thin profile and looks and fits great.

One tip I learned from picking out helmets, is that a properly fitted helmet should be able to do the following: stay on your head without the straps on! To do that:

-pick the right size
-configure it so that its snug against your head
-now bend over so that your head is pointing towards the floor, does the helmet fall off?

If it does then you'll need to configure the rear strap thing (the one that hugs the base of your skull), or you'll need to pick a different helmet.

Again try out the Fox Flux (Bow Cycle had it the last time I checked).


D'z Nutz
03-28-2009, 08:21 PM
Thanks for the tips guys! I ended up just going with one of the MEC ones, but I'm definitely gonna check out some of these bike stores in the future.

Muchly appreciated :thumbsup: