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03-23-2009, 12:18 AM
In my infinite wisdom and desire for neat tech toys, I decided I absolutely needed to have a tablet PC. Not just any tablet PC, it needed to be a slate tablet. Now, Motion Computing make some damn fine machines, and I would say this is one of them. The only catch is that they make it in two flavors, one with an active digitizer (senses a pen, only accepts input from it) and a resistive digitizer (touchscreen, basically - use your finger, use a pen, take your pick.) Having had the chance to play with both now, I REALLY like the active digitizer better, and the one that I have is a passive/resistive digitizer.

So, up for sale is my LE1600TS. Here's the specs:

- Intel Centrino Pentium M @ 1.60 GHz (Dothan processor)
- 1.5GB DDR2 @ 266MHz
- 30GB Micro IDE 1.8" shock-mounted hard drive
- 12.4" 1024x768 display
- TouchKO 5-wire resistive digitizer
- Windows XP Pro + Tablet PC Edition 2005, upgraded to SP3

Included is...well, an AC adapter and battery, really. It doesn't come with a stylus, because it's a touchscreen. A replacement from FrontierPC, who deal for Motion in Canada, is $35 + shipping. Pricy? Yeah. I just dug up another stylus-like object to use.

It's running the latest BIOS revision, and all the latest device drivers.

This would not be good for an artist, as it lack pressure sensitivity and the active digitizer. It's not bad for note taking, as handwriting recognition is still good.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this style of computer, it's a slate-style tablet PC, meaning no keyboard or mouse. You get a touchscreen, and that's it. The upside is that it's really light, the downside is that pen input still generally isn't as fast as a keyboard. Good for someone who needs to take notes in school and doesn't type well, or business notes in meetings, etc. Also makes a wicked device for customer service - I think before I got it, it was a customer service kiosk in a Sprint/Nextel store in the States.

Battery holds a charge very well - between two and three hours of life, depending on your usage.

Does not have an optical drive, so you'll need an external CD drive to install things. I'll include a copy of the restore media for you, too, as well as a fresh install of XP if you want.

Yes, there is some goop on it - sticker residue from use as a Sprint/Nextel kiosk. I will remove it before it is sold. Other than that, it is in excellent condition.

$500, fairly firm. Make an offer at your discretion - lowballers will not receive a reply.


03-26-2009, 06:00 PM
Bump. This is still looking for a good home!